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So near, yet so far! Holiday villa for those waiting TTC#1 having suffered mc

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MamaPower Thu 09-Sep-10 18:02:51

Hi all,

I need to take a holiday with some lovely peeps in the same position; I'm TTC#1 but had 2 mc's this year and now discovered my luteal phase is only 9 days (anything under 10 considered a defect) and probably the reason that I cannot retain a pregnancy.

If you have yet to be blessed with motherhood because mc has cruelly taken away your chance so far, then this is the place to retreat for some R & R whilst your body recovers.

Pull up a sun lounger, and lie back for some lighthearted banter and support whilst monitoring cycles or undergoing investigation and wash down the Vit B6, Agnus Castus, Progesterone and Clomid with a lovely vodka glass of sparkling spring water!!

owlshoes Thu 09-Sep-10 18:09:16

Aw, hello there

Mind if I pull up a sun lounger? I am TTC#1 and conceived on honeymoon (whoop!) but had a mc (boo). Not the best way to start married life.

That is a right pain with the 9 day luteal phase; is there anything you can take to elongate it?

MamaPower Thu 09-Sep-10 18:33:41

Hi Owl, so glad to see a friendly face by our pool That's so sad to lose a honeymoon bean! fx this is a lucky thread!

Having done all the reading it looks like I could try Agnus Castus although there is lots of conflicting info about this, so I am just going to go see the GP next week to discuss the possibility of taking progesterone that I understand from all my research is the medically recommended this space!

kat2504 Thu 09-Sep-10 18:38:35

Hi there I've come with cocktails and suntan lotion and a large pack of multivitamins!

I am now TTC #1 after a mc which was discovered six weeks ago. Ironically we weren't actually trying when we conceived.

Cycle all over the place, first period came only 9 days after positive opk. Will be monitoring this when things have calmed down as quite worried by reading about luteal phase stuff. Just hope it happens without me having to get too mental with the poas and the opk and the bbt and the ewcm and all the lovely details. Am already doubting my sanity.

Velvetcu Thu 09-Sep-10 18:39:18

Hello I'll join you guys too.

I'm TTC #1, my bean was due 3 weeks after our 10yr wedding anniversary

I'm glad you started this thread. I'm finding it hard with no DCs to distract me from my thoughts and people are soooo bloody nosey about your plans to start a family!

DachshundsRule Thu 09-Sep-10 19:02:02

I'm going to join too.

7 years TTC, 1 pg (discovered in June, mc end July)

<pulls up sun lounger and goes to the bar to get a round in...>

I'm just going to lie here in the sun for a bit and hope that the IUI produces a sticky bean...

<wonders whether it's actually going to take a miracle even to create a baby in a lab, given the hours DH is working at the moment, so decides to have a very large cocktail>

Choccybick Thu 09-Sep-10 19:09:20

>>>brings SWI SEX ON BEACH COCKTAILS in on a tray>>>

Hi girls. Wearing my sarong to hide the flab - hope you don´t mind.

TTC #1 too

we just had our 5y anniversary.

only been trying for about a year.

x yeah lets hope this lounging in the sun brings lots of beans x
Going to Greece next week so hope above mentioned works.

MamaPower Thu 09-Sep-10 19:22:39

ah, look at all the lovely gal's by the pool! aren't we a pretty bunch!

<<Waves at those just rolling out their beach towels, Kat Velvet Dachs and Choccy>>

I'm thinking that since this is all about R&R we just chill out and support one another and don't keep a stat's list here? whata ya reckon my bikini clad beauties?

choccy can I carry your bags to greece for you? I won't complain about my lack of holiday this year so far as we are off to Oz for three weeks in Oct/Nov (not all it's cracked up to be, that's where the in-laws are!!).

owlshoes Thu 09-Sep-10 19:47:44

Yep, I'm all for the no stats list.

And Velvet if one more RL person asks me when we're thinking of starting a family I shall kick them up the arse!

MamaPower Thu 09-Sep-10 22:01:30

ha ha! Hope you'll be wearing a lovely pointy shoe for the arse kicking!!
Also, and I know that the people that say this, say it with all good intention and mean well but I'm kinda over hearing ''at least you know you can get pregnant''!! I am so glad that this is brought to my attention...lucky me!!!!

Velvetcu Thu 09-Sep-10 22:50:22

Yes please to the no stats! We weren't actually trying before either and I found last month a bit stressful to say the least!

hairytriangle Thu 09-Sep-10 23:13:49

Hi girlies! Ttc1 here too. Been ttc about a year had one of (April) but it was ectopic. Have a blocked tube but no other problems apart from being over forty

great ideato have a special place for useho are ttc our first child!.

hairytriangle Thu 09-Sep-10 23:14:37

One pg I meant!

MamaPower Fri 10-Sep-10 09:19:53

Hi Hairy, pull up the lovely lounger there in the shade by the palm tree!

Well, I am being positive and have made an appointment to see my GP next Thursday to discuss the LPD I think is causing all my problems...I hope they are more understanding this time; when I asked for investigations after the 2nd mc i was told I needed to have 3 before they would instigate them!

Anyway, have a lovely day girls x

DachshundsRule Fri 10-Sep-10 10:12:58

<shakes out towel, grabs a lounger in the full sun by the pool and liberally splashes sun lotion all over herself, even though it's a bit late because she looks like a lobster from being in the sun yesterday...>

hi girls, who wants cocktails for breakfast?

I'm with you on the 'at least you know you can get pregnant' mamap Is it any comfort that the thing we want more than anything was cruelly snatched away from us just when we thought it was our time? No! If anyone else says it I think I might need to go to a shop where I can buy a pair of very very pointy shoes and give them the almightiest kick they've ever had. (I only find it slightly annoying, you can tell wink )

Looks like the IUI will be tomorrow, so fingers crossed for sticky bean thoughts... That's why I'm spending the day relaxing on the sun lounger today, need lots of R&R before the proceudre to be as unstressed as possible. Wouldn't it be nice if I could manage that in RL!

Hugs to all, have a good day. The other thread is good, but it's nice having a bit of a quieter thread. And I have to confess that as someone TTC #1, I quite like having a thread where everyone understands. Obviously it's awful for anyone who has an mc, but it's different if you already have a DC (not easier, I'm not trying to belittle their grief or feelings, but different).

Sorry they won't investigate mamap, but good luck with your GP.

owl - yep, it's really annoying when people ask about when we're going to do the family thing. I actually turned round to someone the other day who asked 'when are you thinking of starting a family? i know you love dogs, but they're not the same as children?' and said 'well, we've been trying for 7 years and had a miscarriage a month ago. So we're thinking of starting a kennels instead. would you like to buy a puppy?' That kind of shut them up... I know it was horrid of me, but I just felt really cross that we were being judged when we've been trying really really hard to have kids.

Jealous of all the holidays you guys have got booked. I need to save the holiday I have left for clinic appointments

Hope you all have a fantastic day.

owlshoes Fri 10-Sep-10 10:34:55

Well done Dachs - I need something like that to shut people up. It's not horrid at all; it's not a question I would ever dream of asking anyone - even before this happened - as it's basically as personal as asking 'my! Is that a toupe you're wearing?' or 'crikey! Are you guys still having sex or have you gone right off each other?'

Everything is crossed for your IUI; hope it all goes well.

Chocs holidays are def. the best way to get BFPs, I am planning one right now that, funnily enough, co-incides beautifully with October's predicted ovulation date...ah, forward planning. Now I just have to work out how to sneak all the pee-sticks and CBFM into my luggage without DH noticing them.

Kat I find myself douting my sanity daily. I reckon I spend about 80% of my waking hours thinking about TTC - clearly I am losing the plot and it is a miracle I get anything else done! I suspect it's not actually helping with the TTC either.

MamaP if you get no joy from your GP - ask to see a different one. I used to work with GPs and they all have specialist interests - if you happen to have one who had no interest in fertility then you might be better asking the practice manager if any of them do have a specialist interest - or sometimes they list them on their websites? I got lucky with my last GP and his specialist interest was acupuncture - so I had that done in the surgery!

hairytriangle Fri 10-Sep-10 11:03:11

Oh! I quite like the"at least I know" thing. But that's prob because I am ancient and just kind of assumed I couldn't!

MamaPower Fri 10-Sep-10 13:34:55

Dachs I nearly choked on my pina colada (in RL sat at my desk eating a sarnie and working ah hem - this is a wee break), at your response to the 'starting a family question'! Priceless! Will be hoping IUI goes well for you tomorrow.

Owl you are right, I happen to know 2 of the senior partners (and also both are females and I do tend to find women GPs a little more understanding of these things), so was thinking of pulling rank and seeing them if I need too!

Hairy I do think to myself it's of comfort [to some extent] to know I can get pg but it's not of comfort that some poeple try to somehow justify my mc's by saying that!! Like that some how makes it ok! If they knew the heart ache of desperately wanting children and being so close to it, I don't think they'd actually say that!
I also think I am just overly sensitive to that comment at the moment because of the LPD and feeling that it's all very well being able to get upduffed but it's irrelevant if I can't retain them!

<goes and throws herself in pool to coooool off>.

I'm glad the consensus is a list free fred! Here's to no stress and pressure and the BFP's rolling in gently like the waves on our beach smile

hairytriangle Fri 10-Sep-10 14:09:34

Yeah I see what you mean Mama - I guess it's people trying to find something to say that'a nice and failing dismally.

<rests pina colada on poolside table and scrolls up to find Dachs witty response to 'staring a family' question>

MamaPower Fri 10-Sep-10 18:58:26

Ho hum, this life in the sun is hard work grin

Anyone got any lovely weekend plans? I am sadly working, for my own purposes though so it's not too bad; me and dh are trying to buy a business so just polishing off the ole business plan!

Anyone round here reading a good book at the mo? Nothing that'll me me cry...done too much of that lately!

Have a lovely friday evening. I am looking forward to a lovely girly evening, with plenty of vino, cheers

PS Called a private clinic this afy and if my PCT decide not too play ball because of this 3 mc rule, think i'll just cough up for the bloods to check my progesterone level's!

DachshundsRule Fri 10-Sep-10 19:19:45

mamap Sadly my only weekend plan is to go to the clinic appointment and see whether it is going to happen tomorrow or whether i have to wait until Monday. I have, however, decided that this weekend (procedure or no procedure) we will allow ourselves to drink some wine. Have been abstaining for weeks, but you need to let yourself have a treat now and again, and DH is really tired from working too hard so I know he'd like a glass of wine to unwind with.

Good luck with the business plan. What kind of business are you buying? Sounds exciting!

Good luck with the clinic stuff as well, hope it all goes well. Unfortunately haven't had much time to read lately so I've just been consuming the odd bit of chick lit here and there, but nothing I could particularly recommend. Sorry.

<passes over another cocktail instead, in the hope that getting mama drunk will distract her from book reading...>

wakarimasen Fri 10-Sep-10 19:39:12


This is the thread for me i think. I had a MC at he end of last month and had to have a D&C.

Like MamaPower I think I have a short Luteal phase (brown discharge on 9 DPO) and I am taking B6 to try to improve this.

I am still spotting from the D&C and just hoping it will stop soon. I bled from 11DPO the month I conceived so had nearly 7 weeks of bleeding before D&C angry. I am planning to see how my cycles are before TTC again sad

DachshundsRule Fri 10-Sep-10 19:41:42

wakari sorry to hear about your mc. Everyone here is lovely, it's a good place to be.

I hope your spotting clears up soon and your cycles settle quickly.

pull up a sun lounger and have a cocktail. the pool is also lovely and hot in the sun.

owlshoes Fri 10-Sep-10 19:45:29

I'm also going with the 'odd glass of wine won't hurt' school of thought. This evening; a nice aussie shiraz. Yum

Welcome Wakari - grab yourself a sunlounger my lovely and make free with the cocktails

hairytriangle Sat 11-Sep-10 10:33:38

Hi Wakari sorry about your MC.

I'm in the 'odd glass of wine' gang too

Am hoping for a short bike ride, and my DSD is coming over to do some more work on her essay for her Baccalaureate (also doing 3 A levels!)
May then visit pregnant sis, if she's around.

Had a bit of an emotional meltdown this morning - issues with ex, work AND ovulation rage ! angry

but lots of cuddles made me feel better, and I got another peak on CBFM

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