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First Response/Boots test

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emile1973 Thu 09-Sep-10 12:11:41

Hello there
I am new to this board! Hello everyone!

I did an early FR test on Monday and got a BFN but when I came back to it there was a very faint line . It was about half an hr later so could this be an evaporation line?

Anyway, today I succumbed and bought 2 Boots tests. BFN- did it straight Didn't wait til morning but reflecting on it I am not due AF til weekend so could be too early for that test.
Wish I had bought another early one now!

What does everyone think?

BenignNeglect Thu 09-Sep-10 12:28:32

Hello. If I were you, I'd wait until at least Saturday. Spend the time symptom spotting instead...

owlshoes Thu 09-Sep-10 12:38:56

I'd second that - half an hour later could well be an evaporation line, hold on til the weekend...if you can grin

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