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I have cut right down to 4 breastfeeds per 24 hours and STILL no period.

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YunoYurbubson Wed 08-Sep-10 05:43:06

I am going to have to wean ds completely if I am ever going to get pg again.

Ds is is 2 1/2, so not before time I suppose.

Feel very conflicted. Feel like I am choosing between ds and hypothetical next baby.

I suppose not many people in the same situation.

AmandaCooper Wed 08-Sep-10 08:55:02

Quite good to have a brother or sister though, so it's not like there's no benefit to DS in this proposal.

curiousdave Wed 08-Sep-10 08:58:42

Have you talked to any of the tandem feeders over in breastfeeding/bottle feeding about their feeding scheduls when they got pregnant? I really do sympathise, it's a tough call. Do you think you can explain that there are no more feeds? Or gradually cut down some more? Well done for getting that far breastfeeding! You've given him so much already and the absolute best start in life. Good luck!

megonthemoon Wed 08-Sep-10 09:02:17

Are the feeds spread out over the day or clustered? My periods returned when I was down to 3 feeds a day, all during daytime hours, so had a good 12 hours overnight without feeding and I did wonder if it was something to do with that. No idea if there is any scientific basis behind that though! Definitely worth posting in bf section as well I think.

Sariska Wed 08-Sep-10 09:02:50

Mine only came back when I went down to one feed every 24 hours. DS was 15 months at the time. Got pg pretty much straightaway.

But everyone is different.

Good luck.

row78 Wed 08-Sep-10 11:14:04

mine didn't come back until my son gave up on breastfeeding, and he was on about 2 feeds a day before that. I think everyone is different. Good luck

runnyeggsareyummy Wed 08-Sep-10 11:15:12

For me AF came back when I dropped feeding suddenly. I had been doing 2 feeds a day for a couple of months, then went on holiday and had to up it to 4 feeds as DD1 got fractious with the change of hours, I then dropped straight back down to 2 feeds on my return. About three weeks later AF came back... could be coincidence but I am pretty sure it was the sudden drop in feeding. HTH

YunoYurbubson Wed 08-Sep-10 11:23:46

Oh my god.

You won't believe what just happened.

2 1/2 years I have been waiting and my period comes back within a couple of hours of posting on MN about it. Now THAT'S what I call service.

Well, not really 2 1/2 years of waiting because obv I haven't been wanting to concieve since ds was born.

And I never believe those threads that happen in real time on MN. But this really did happen.

I just hooted with laughter in the bathroom and my daughter wants to know what is so funny.

grin grin grin

How very weird!

megonthemoon Wed 08-Sep-10 11:33:07

The power of MN never ceases to amaze

YunoYurbubson Wed 08-Sep-10 12:36:07

You're not kidding!

Crap. When am I supposed to have sex? It's been a while. I've forgotten.

YunoYurbubson Wed 08-Sep-10 14:59:23


And now I look at the calendar it would seem that dh is away for the whole of our first shagging window.

curiousdave Wed 08-Sep-10 17:25:42

This is only semi serious but does freezing sperm work for <ahem> later insemination? I imagine my biology teacher would be wringing his hands in disgust by my lack of reproductive knowledge.

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