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waiting to test...

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broodywantcoilout Mon 06-Sep-10 15:03:07

...was going 2 wait til end of the week 2 test with my 1st response....BUT I CANT HOLD OUT THAT LONG!!!
have taken the advice of someone on another thread i read a few days ago and gone out and brought a couple of superdrug cheapy ones that i can pee on 2 my hearts content (sort of!), and unless 1 shows up as positive (here's hoping) will save more expensive 1 for end of week-or longer IF i can manage it!
so.... here's waiting til i next need 2 go, and will b taking my special little gadget with me...
wish me luck

missp2010 Mon 06-Sep-10 16:37:56

did you do it yet......let us know

I'm completely convinced I'm pg. Will be v.v.disappointed if I turn out to be wrong. Although I don't think DH will be pleased if I am pg! He'll be kicking himself that we didn't use any contraception!

I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out....desperate to test. AF not due until Friday.

broodywantcoilout Mon 06-Sep-10 17:12:11

BFN! :'( my periods have been all over the place the last couple of months (think i had 4 in 2 months!) but, based on usual cycle i'd b due on sat/sun. tested with 1st response in the end as says it can tell from 6days b4 AF.
in need of choc..but dont fancy dragging the kids out in the rain!
have u managed 2 hold out?

missp2010 Mon 06-Sep-10 18:41:45

Oh no, I'm sorry. There may still be hope though. I'm pretty sure that even though first response says you can use early it's still only a 25hcg which is the same as most other brands. When we were ttc ds I bought some really cheap 10hcg from ebay.

Haven't tested yet. Think I'll probably cave by wednesday!

broodywantcoilout Mon 06-Sep-10 19:13:29

haha, i dont know how other people manage 2 hold out-wish i had the strength!
good luck when u do test-hope u get a bfp! let me know when u do!

1LittlePrincess Mon 06-Sep-10 21:27:07

Psst can I join you?

I am on CD33 of usual 32 day cycle.

I am going to wait till the weekend (if I can).

My body tends to play tricks on me and will throw in the odd random long cycle. Then I get my hopes up, then test and then AF starts the next day.

I have really achy tummy today and sore boobs, but could be either really confused

Oh and I have found out that the way to hold out on testing is to avoid that aisle of the supermarket like the plague


MummyAbroad Tue 07-Sep-10 02:46:18

...and Amazon, tests are so cheap you will be doing them every hour (about £5 for 25)

broodywantcoilout Tue 07-Sep-10 10:35:10

really £5 for 25?!?!?! do they actually work/are they reliable? sounds like a bargain!-just hope none of us need that many (am i the only 1 who wants 2 keep testing, and keep looking at a bfn just incase it turns into the bfp that it really should b ?) (perhaps i shouldnt have 2 'spare' in the drawer)
myns meant 2 test up 2 6 days early-tested mon, do u think it could still show a positive sat/sun? i know its going 2 b a bfn-but here's 4 the probably none-existent/imaginary symptom spotting..
achey tummy
feeling much more tired than usual (kids usually have me up by 8am, luckily have been sleeping thru til 9.30-10am and even then i've struggled 2 get up-how will i get up 4 work at 3am thurs?!?!?)
here's the worst-imaginary kicking-i swear i can even feel it with my hand there-obviously NOT real tho!!!!
cant stand some smells e.g. beetroot, melon
craving more chocolate than usual
craving salads


sounds like we all need 2 help each other 2 hold out til the weekend!! possible via a trip 2 amazon!-do u know if it comes in discreet packaging-we have relatives staying with us?

broodywantcoilout Tue 07-Sep-10 10:35:58

p.s. mummy abroad-u were up and about early! hopw u managed 2 get some sleep!

broodywantcoilout Tue 07-Sep-10 10:43:24

ooh...and feeling queesy a lot of the time....and sometimes feeling light headed...hey mayb i will get my bfp!!

1LittlePrincess Tue 07-Sep-10 11:23:02

Ohh no shouldn't have read that MummyAbroad, hands are itching to go and check that deal out. I shall resist, can I? Aghhhh! hmm

Broody I have never had any luck with testing early, both with my DD (5.8) and 3 mc, always took till after AF due to get BFP. So I know it is hard but try to resist as long as you can.

Im glad that you mention about the ahem 'movements' I have had these too. LOL thought I was going crazy, perhaps I am but at at least Im not the only one ;)

I also have heightened sense of smell, can smell the neighbours lunch cooking and its making me feel sick one min and like knocking on the door to eat it the next.

Tummy and boobs feel really achy though, so could be indicator that AF is on her way confused Also boobs are also really veiny, never remember having this before with AF.

Hmmm this is so confussing! Should just test?

broodywantcoilout Tue 07-Sep-10 11:41:07

so glad im not the only 1!!!
when is ur af due?

1LittlePrincess Tue 07-Sep-10 11:51:11

I am on CD 34 today. I usually have a 32 day cycle so was due Sun.

However, AF tends to go AWOL on occassion getting my hopes up, until I do hpt then it will turn up the next day.

I am going to try and hold out until the weekend to avoid disapointment of BFN, but these symps are worrying me as going to be such a let down if AF shows up.

How about you?

TotorosOcarina Tue 07-Sep-10 11:53:45


I was doing those cheapie tests and got a faint, faint line at a week late, 2 days later it was a BFP (and also on FR & CB digi)

They do work!

broodywantcoilout Tue 07-Sep-10 23:00:30

thanks totoros, will c how next test goes and c from there if i take a peek on amazon -hopefuly fingers crossed wont have 2 tho!

another imaginary symptom- c-section scar hurts a little-was painful when i was last pregnant 2 (and hurt more then down below during labour!!)

1littleprincess perhaps best (as 4 us all) 2 try not 2 symptom spot then, tho it does sound very hopeful!i want 2 test again 2moro morning b4 i go on a shopping spree with a friend, but again, it'll be less than 2 days since the last test so wont say any different
ii must resist i must resist i must rresist.....

broodywantcoilout Wed 08-Sep-10 08:32:13

took test this morning after convincing myself it would b positive. after about 5mins there was a faint line going across teh positive box-but in the wrong direction? any ideas what this could mean? i'll try a digital test when i get around 2 buying 1

AmandaCooper Wed 08-Sep-10 08:46:20

Weird! Perhaps test was assembled wrong. Do you have the receipt? I'd take it back to the shop and demand a replacement! Then re-test. It's a good sign though at least - fingers crossed for you!

broodywantcoilout Wed 08-Sep-10 11:15:01

i'd b 2 embarassed 2 take it back 2 the shop 'hi, heres a stick of my wee, please take a look and c wot u think-and replace it'!!haha
ppl that r brave enuf-gr8, but i'm a bit of a wimp!
ye, lets hope its a good sign! thanks

1littleprincess- ru still holding out?

MummyAbroad Thu 09-Sep-10 19:06:21

Hi all,

Sorry for the late reply, yes, the deal is real. The tests are a little more inconvenient than the nice posh ones you get in the shop. Basically its a think cardboard strip, you wee in a cup (not provided) and then dunk the strip. Its my first time using them and no BFP yet so I cant say if they work or not, but according to Amazon reviews they do.

In fact you can buy packets of 15,25,50 as well. I reasoned its better to have these at home than keep lining the pockets of my local pharmacy everytime my will power doesnt hold out.

broody I live in costa rica, its 7 hours behind UK time so I am always on at wierd times from you guys. Pregnancy tests are even more expensive here so I HAVE to get the Amazon ones grin

MummyAbroad Thu 09-Sep-10 19:09:35

thin cardboard, not think, oops.

Thinking11 Thu 09-Sep-10 19:18:09

I so feel your pain!

Its 5 days before AF and im convinced Im pregnant. I have had really bad headaches, i keep having dizzy spells, im really tired, my boobs are sore, im really tired, i keep feeling really sick, im really tired, i have a really strong sense of smell, im really tired, i have strange cramps and pulls and twinges in my stomach and did i mention that i'm really tired! and i can't get enough milk, im drinking pints of it!

I tested on Sunday with first response (i know it was far too early!) and i got a negative and I have tested again today (but not in the morning) and again it was negative.

When do I have to accept the negative, ive thougth i was pregnant before but ive never really 'felt like this before' maybe i just want it too much

fingers crossed

broodywantcoilout Thu 09-Sep-10 19:34:22

with my 1st i drank loads of milk 2-so could b a good sign!
i also feel pregnant, like i 'just know' that i am, but this morning got another BFN, this time with clearblue digital.
periods hav been all over the place but id expect 2 start by this weekend-so surely a test would have picked up a pregnancy by now?as they do say they can tell from 4/6 days early?!?! making me think perhaps i am imagaining it all-the wanting 2b pregnant so desperatley is making me think im pregnant- feeling sick a lot (not actually been sick tho), smells, tummy not feeling right.
am feeling just like u from the sound of things. tho i will keep testing until either i get the BFP iv'e convinced myself i will get, or AF shows up :-(
mmmm know i shouldnt keep testing but just cant help it!!!
p.s. do the amazon ones come in discreet packaging?

Thinking11 Thu 09-Sep-10 19:39:57

ive only just found the thread so i will look back and get the details of the amazon ones.

This waiting game is a nightmare, i'm not in a realtionship so i can't simply 'try next month'. Im not tricking anyone either he knows the score and he'll support me if I ever get pregnant but he's not hoping for it (he's happy to be unprotected though! and he knows im doing everything possible to be as fertile as possible while i find a suitable sperm donor)

Fingers crossed

broodywantcoilout Thu 09-Sep-10 19:44:34

hi thinking11 and welcome 2 the thread! i'm sure i've read another thread with u on 2-tho i read so many it does get a bit confusing sometimes!
good luck with 'trying', its horrible waiting!

MummyAbroad Thu 09-Sep-10 23:12:01

Yes, packaging is discreet.

and dont forget to pee first thing in the morning. whatever the packet says about being able to detect super early, you still have more hormones in your pee if its a bit concentrated. (and if you cant wait till tomorrow morning, try "saving it up" for 4 hours.

Thinking11, as far as knowing when the fat lady is signing, its a hard one - check the stats out on this thread st

I've realised I got all my signs wrong about when I ovulated and having just finished a 2WW am now on another 2WW Gahhhh!

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