Where is it???

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IlanaK Tue 30-Aug-05 21:31:00

This is driving me insane! Cycle is normally 29 days. Had unprotected sex (we were not trying to conceive at the time - just had an oops moment) on day 14. No period on day 29. Tested on day 30 and also day 33 with digital thingy. Both said negative. Today is day 34 and still no period. Tonight I actually had nausea!

So, what is going on????

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Wallace Wed 31-Aug-05 21:34:12

Anything yet?

IlanaK Thu 01-Sep-05 12:58:00

Yes, period arrived yesterday - a whole week late. NO idea why!

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Wallace Thu 01-Sep-05 18:43:06

Happened to me once...no idea why either

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