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TTC - Clomid V -

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jobobpip08 Mon 23-Aug-10 21:14:06

Oh no! I used up the last comment, I think! Here goes, hope this works, industrial strength babydust to one and all!

jobobpip08 Mon 23-Aug-10 21:17:13

To one and all, welcome, here is the link from the last thread

Looking forward to seeing you all on here, chatting and supporting each other through 'life on clomid'!


Ladybird10 Mon 23-Aug-10 21:31:11

Yay a new thread, thankyou jo


highheelsandequations Mon 23-Aug-10 21:43:58

Thanks for the new thread Jo and thanks so much for sharing your story and your words of support. So sorry to hear about your DS2 but very glad you've finally had a positive outcome. I think we can get another prescription for another 3 months but the consultant wanted to check in with us first and he wanted me to have a HSG if the first 3 months weren't successful. Am just waiting a little while before I phone the clinic as I want to see what my body does this cycle with no interferences. I think that if we get that consultant appointment and they tell me more about what's going to happen next I might be a little more relaxed, it's the uncertainity I hate more than anything. In the meantime I have the phone number for an acupuncturist and I'm going to ring her tomorrow and see if she thinks it would be worth doing. Need to feel like I'm doing something helpful. Thanks again for the kind words and reassurance, we'll get to where we're meant to be, it just may take some time.


popsy1 Tue 24-Aug-10 08:01:36

Sparkly new thread thanks jo

jobobpip08 Tue 24-Aug-10 11:52:20

hi pops - I had a panic when I saw the thread was at a 1000 posts! I've never done a new thread before.

high I've acupuncture since last year as I had mega heavy periods with clots and found it helped to reduce the flow somewhat and made me more regular. It can also help direct the flow of blood to the womb.

My acupuncturist also gave me diet advice, such as giving up wheat (well, I nearly did it) and eating homemade chicken soup as its apparently good for the blood. She was also a very good listener with lots of advice and support.

I still see her now to help with different aspects of pregnancy, anti-miscarriage and nausea in the early days, heartburn and genereal wellbeing now and as I'll be getting induced at 38 weeks I can see her the week before for some sessions to help the body prepare for labour. Its not for everyone, but I would say well worth it!

stac14 Tue 24-Aug-10 12:59:17

thanks jo for the new thread

Just marking my place will pop back later x

reallygrumpy Tue 24-Aug-10 20:27:34

Hello, I think I posted ages ago on the last thread. I'm about to start taking clomid again, 100mg this time with monitoring for the first cycle. I took 50mg for 3 cycles earlier this year, got pg cycle 3 and then had a miscarriage sad. consultant seemed v positive today about my chances so fingers crossed!

V interested to hear about the acupuncture, does it help? I just want to give myself the best chance for these last 3 cycles.

jobobpip08 Tue 24-Aug-10 21:02:29

really so sorry to hear about the miscarriage.

If you ovulated on 50mg then you should have more eggs this time on 100mg, fingers crossed for you!

My personal opinion with acupuncture is yes it definitely made a difference to my cycle, whether it helps you get pregnant? Don't know. My cycle used to be anywhere between 26-35 days but with acupuncture became 28. Then clomid made it go abit all over the place! Studies have been done in relation to acupuncture and IVF and it has been proven to help. If you've got any particular questions I'd be happy to try and answer.

I had an extremely bad experience with a reflexologist who thought she could pyscho-analyze me and devastated me in the process (never got the bl**dy reflexology!) which is why I stuck with acupuncture, but that is another option which I believe can help? Has anyone else tried that?


highheelsandequations Tue 24-Aug-10 21:18:15

Hi girls,

I've booked my appointment with the acupuncturist, feel better just doing something rather than waiting around. She seems to think it might help me, I'm seeing her because of stress and IBS as well as the PCOS and fertility issues so hopefully there will be an improvement in at least one of those! We'll see how it goes. How is everyone? I'm tired, thinking about going to my bed with a book and a hot chocolate!

Fairygodmother1 Tue 24-Aug-10 22:03:56

Hi all,

Stac said there was a new thread!

Clure Mamma Mia was excellent. Your DD & My niece sound like peas in a pod. She loved it! She was disappointed cos she thought they were gonna ask her up on stage to dance with them...bless grin

High Clomid made me ovulate apparently but no pg for me yet!!! Got my next app with a new cons in Sept to see what they can do about PCOS, the bleeding & the fact that I can't shift the weight for IVF!!!!

Also having house dramas as Landlady hhas decided she wants to sell so we need to save like crazy to move!!!!!

Hope you are well!


cloudwine Wed 25-Aug-10 14:25:00

Just saying hi quickly. Will catch up reading the old thread first and post properly tomorrow. XXX

cloudwine Thu 26-Aug-10 11:22:37

Thanks for the new thread Jobo. I'm so sorry for your loss- you've been from extreme highs to extreme lows along your ttc journey, haven't you.

High- I think from your post we're at about the same stage of 'life on Clomid'. Were you advised to take a break after 3 months? Have you been told how many months you can have the Clomid for? A colleague of mine had 11 months at 100mg (which were unsuccessful) but I thought the max was 6. I know exactly what you mean by hating the uncertainty. On a few days each month my brain goes into overdrive about what MAY be wrong which does nothing to help the stress levels! Good luck with the acupuncture- keep us posted, I'd be very interested to hear how you get on.

Grumpy- so sorry to hear about your miscarriage (sadly been there myself and it's crap) I've just up-ed my dose to 100mg this month too.

Fairy- have you finished Clomid then? If you're going down the assisted route, how will do they make you ovulate? confused

Does anyone here chart their temps? I've been doing it a bit half heartedly since starting the Clomid. I'm not really convinced it's helping track my cycles or whether it's just not worth it as I keep analysing every reading and what it means angry I just want to feel like I'm DOING something rather than just waiting for each month to pass!

Can I ask who is being treated on the NHS and who is private? I'm starting to think I need to see a consultant (will have to pay privately as I already have a child). Can anyone tell me what to expect once we do get referred, and which tests I should try to have on the NHS before then (as money will be an issue) Thanks girls.

reallygrumpy Thu 26-Aug-10 21:09:35

Hello again,

cloudwine I'm being treated privately because I already have a child. The initial treatment cost £1000 which was the initial consultation, sperm test for dh, scan and test where they put dye through tubes for me, monitoring for the first cycle of clomid and a pregnancy scan. My consultant is great and the best thing about going privately is being able to get tests and appointments quickly. The staff at the unit were also brilliant when I had my mc and got me booked in for an erpc (on the nhs) v quickly.

I haven't bothered to chart my temps, does it help when you're on clomid? I know opk can give funny results.

I'm trying to be really positive and hoping the 100mg will work but like others on here I find the waiting so hard. I'm planning to try acupuncture soon.

Oh, and I've also been told I can only have 6 cycles of clomid.

jobobpip08 Fri 27-Aug-10 12:16:48

high I was told I could have a year on clomid without a break. I was expecting to have to take a break. Fingers crossed your acupuncture goes well.

cloud About charting, the temp spike post-ovulation will confirm that you've ovulated, but not predict when you will.

fairy pants about having to move.

We've got a skip booked for the weekend as the weeds are completely out of control and some as big as DS1 shock! My DH is such a lucky man, I really spoil him on bank holidays! What has everyone else got planned?

How is everyone else?

Super August Bank Holiday Babydust

nonu Sat 28-Aug-10 10:37:02

hey, i have just finished my first round of clomid, got secondary infertility and pcos, i have a 12 yr old and have not got pregnant since then, very confused and eager feel that the gap will be too much but still trying , anyone there with similar stories pls reply and all r welcome

nonu Sat 28-Aug-10 10:37:36

got AF on thursday evening was very disappointed starting second round of clomid on cd-3. i had really hoped it would have worked for the first time with me.....

highheelsandequations Sat 28-Aug-10 10:38:03

Cloudy I've just finished cycle 3 of clomid. Was initially told that the maximum number of cycles I could have would be 12, but not continuously. Was told that after 3 cycles I had to go back for a HSG and depending on the results of that we'd see what the next step should be. I'm on the NHS, saw a consultant before starting the clomid and assuming we'll be back to see him re the HSG. Unfortunately I was so overwhelmed at the initial appointment that I didn't ask all the questions I now wish I had. My clinic have been really good with appointments, booking me in for tracking scans really quickly and at suitable times, and they've also done my blood tests for me when I haven't been able to get an appointment at my doctors surgery.

I am feeling a little under the weather this morning as we went out for a spur of the moment dinner last night and far too much food and drink was had! My lovely DP has now gone to buy some fresh bread to satisy my toast craving

Hope everyone's well and enjoying their weekend. Unfortunately the bank holiday doesn't apply up here so back to work on Monday Hope the rest of you enjoy it!

Babydust for all.

cloudwine Sat 28-Aug-10 11:09:39

angry Had just typed a really long reply and have lost it. Apologies if this one is brief!

<waves to nonu>

Grumpy- thanks for the costings. do you think it will be a similar price for me as dh has already had a sperm analysis and I had a scan of my ovaries and womb last year just before my miscarriage? Finances may become an issue for us and the way I'm thinking is if we can save any money now it may mean an extra IUI later on, if it comes to that.

Jobo- my temps showed a spike on day 18 so I am hopeful that I've hatched an egg this month. Does that mean I would have ovulated the day before? I no longer do OPK's as they tell lies grin I know what you mean about the weeds. I was thinking of trying that weed and feed stuff on our lawn till I realised it was 70% weeds and would look VERY brown if they all died!!

highheels- Yay to hangovers. Good girl!

MIL has taken ds away for 2 nights (I cried, he was fine!) so dh and I are off to a hotel for the night and I don't even care if it rains wink Happy Bank holiday weekend to you all. xx

nonu Sun 29-Aug-10 09:59:10

hey girls, today cd-4 and second day of clomid-100mg , no side effects as yet, not sure whether it is working or no, feeling very low confused.thanx for the welcome CLOUDWINE

jobobpip08 Sun 29-Aug-10 20:43:32

hi nonu and welcome. I think we all hoped it would work first time with clomid, there are so many success stories on the web. I found I had painful follicles leading to ovulation with clomid but also I was lucky enough to get monthly scans to verify.

cloud your temp spike sounds good - it should stay elevated now. My OPK's always showed the hormone surge - its just that isn't a guarantee of ovulation, as I found out and it sounds like you did to. Our biggest weed was about 7 foot - and I was just digging it out when our (award winning garden) neighbour stuck her head over the wall to say hello! I suppose we make her garden look good! I didn't realise just how bad it was up there, it just looked lush and green from a distance grin. Hope the hotel was lovely.

nonu Mon 30-Aug-10 09:18:46

Thanx for the welcome and it gives gr8 courage and one question the temp is to be taken in the morn and it showed be hoe high to know that there is some kind of progress...

reallygrumpy Mon 30-Aug-10 19:06:59

Hi nonu I felt very fed up when I didn't get pg on my first cycle of clomid but I did get pg on cycle 3 (then had mc at 7 weeks). I'm about to start clomid again and I'm trying to focus on the positive - I got pg on it before.

cloudwine I don't know if you have to have (and pay for) all the tests again. I had a scan last week cos the consultant wanted to check that they'd removed everything and there wasn't any scar tissue which might affect implantation before I started clomid again.

Fairygodmother1 Mon 30-Aug-10 19:21:27

Cloudy I stopped taking Clomid in February. I'm only here to keep up with those I met on here a year ago. IVF is the route we're supposed to be taking but I'm over weight & because I have PCOS find it very difficult to lose it!

jobobpip08 Tue 31-Aug-10 19:03:00

nonu yes, you should take your bbt first thing, before you get up, preferably at the same time every morning as it goes up gradually if you have a lie in! The temp shift for ovulation is only about 0.5 degree I think. If you google 'bbt charting' you should be ale to find plenty of info.

hi fairy hows things with you?

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