Due cycle Saturday - can I do an early test now???

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lovecloud Tue 23-Aug-05 16:27:14

Or is it too early?

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lovecloud Tue 23-Aug-05 16:30:05

Anyone - if so I want to go buy one now!!!

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trace2 Tue 23-Aug-05 16:32:10

do you feel pg, but think its to early

lovecloud Tue 23-Aug-05 16:54:34

i dont know as every month i feel like i am and then im not!

i just know that this time is my first time we have been having lots of full sex around my ovulation date, our first time ttc so there is a chance i could be.

i am due on saturday, i just went out and bought a clear blue test, it says it tests up to 4 days before your period is due so today is four days before.

OH MY GOD! I have to do it, i always give in, why cant i just wait????

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spacecadet Tue 23-Aug-05 16:57:04

do it, but dont be upset if its a bfn, it could be too early, if you get a bfn, keep testing every 3 days, if af doesnt arrive.

munz Tue 23-Aug-05 16:57:32

lol@LC - u gonna do it then?

lovecloud Tue 23-Aug-05 17:11:12

MUNZ - i am terrible.

I do it to myself every month.

I am like a women possesed, just went into superdrug looked about as I cant leave my house withour bumping into a fellow mummu. Snatched the test, ran to the counter and the guy actually laughed as I buy so many, i said to him that they should give me a discount!!!

I came home with a big smile almost running and here i am!

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kid Tue 23-Aug-05 17:14:04

I bought a pack of three pregnancy tests when I was trying to get pregnant. The first 2 were negative but I still felt pregnant. I did the 3rd test and it was positive.

If you can wait, it would be best. Did you buy a single test or pack or 2?

If I was in your position, I would have already tested though!

maddyd Tue 23-Aug-05 17:20:51

Have you done it then Lovecloud. Morning would be best, but i know its hard and i know how much you want it. We didnt try this month and im feel alot calmer and ready again for next month. Plus ive saved as havnt slashed out on a hundred tests. Fingers crossed for you Lovecloud xxxxx

Madigan Tue 23-Aug-05 17:46:03

Hi Lovecloud - in exactly same position as you... and have tested ... again... and still BFN.
Fingers crossed for you though - let us know how you get on
I thought Clearblue had to be on day period due - not 4 days before?? I have got the digital one. What sort have you got?

lovecloud Tue 23-Aug-05 17:47:27

Just done it and my heart stopped as I thought i saw a line appear but it didnt


I have one more and i will not use it unless my period is late...

it does say on the back that using it 4 days before only give you a 53% chance of pos result

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lovecloud Tue 23-Aug-05 17:48:24

Yes thats what i thought, there are early testers now - i think they are a waste of money but then i would day that.

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Madigan Tue 23-Aug-05 17:52:48

Well if it makes you feel any better, I have been testing every day since about 8DPO - do it every month - know its far too early - but can't help myself.

lovecloud Tue 23-Aug-05 17:57:29

I am sick of all this, dd1 was a surprise i had not planned to fall pregnant and i had never experienced the feeling of "broodiness" before. i have felt broody since was dd now two was 10mths old and I am sick of the feeling.
i done it once by accident so why isnt it happening now????
You spend years trying not to fall pregnant and now i want to and...

I cant be bothered, i am soooooooooo sick of talking about it now - i say that i will be back on here after my dinner.

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munz Tue 23-Aug-05 20:27:24

right then LC - here's what u need to do, go onto ebay and get tests from there - much cheaper than the CB ones, then when U do get a BFP with those cheapy tests (which it doens't matter if u use tonnes of as they're like £5 for 20 or something sill) then u buy the expensive ones to confirm it all.

u're time will come. wait till sat and see what the w/e brings. still rootin for u.

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