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Am sooo fed up , how to keep spirits up?

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Nicolaplus1 Tue 20-Jul-10 22:01:39

I know youre guna think im mad and i know there are lots of you that hve been TTC for a lot longer then me, how do you keep your spirits up each month?

Am only on month 3 of ttc # 2 and took a early response test the other day and got BFP sad

Was really hoping this would be our month but hey ho.

Think i was being to optomistic based on the fact DD was coceived month 2.

I now fear that i will still be here in months to come ( silly i know )

Ariesgirl Tue 20-Jul-10 22:16:25

You're right - it does sometimes take ages and ages, even if you conceived easily the first time. You might be on here for several more months yes. But you may conceive next month. Sorry if this isn't helpful. I'm only on month 6 of TTC number 1 but I feel this has been going on forever. MN is a really good source of support though and I'm trying to remember that, even though it doesn't feel like it sometimes, there is more to life.

Good luck!

PS I think you mean BFN?

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