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18 DPO but still BFN???

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Flipadeedoodah Tue 20-Jul-10 14:40:50

Hello everyone!

Well...I DEFINATELY ovulated 18 days ago - been TTC and using OPKs for quite a few months now so I know how they work

However, both yesterday and today had BFNs...

I've been pregnant twice before. First time I got a BFN after AF didn't show and didn't get a BFP until a few weeks later (but had MC). Second time I didn't test til AF was 10 days late anyway.

Do you think I could just have low HCG levels that don't show up for a while? Anyone else had this?


digitalgirl Tue 20-Jul-10 15:08:42

It's possible you have low hcg levels.

It's also possible you had the luteal hormone surge but didn't actually ovulate. This has happened to me. Got a positive opk. Then no bfp two weeks later. Af turned up 4 weeks after the positive opk.

Or you may still only be 16dpo. I tend to get two positive opks in a row, then ovulate the day after the second one. Then have a 16 day luteal phase. So on a normal cycle where I'm not pregnant I don't get my period until 18 days after the first positive opk.

Hope it's the first option! smile

Flipadeedoodah Tue 20-Jul-10 18:16:42

Hi digitalgirl

thanks for that! I hadn't thought of the other options...I guess because I've never NOT had an AF! I have too say that I also feel pregnant...metallic taste & sensitive to smell. However, you never know if you're just imagining these things do you? The body plays strange tricks....

I must admit I always thought you HAD to have 14 days between Ov & AF...that any variation had to be before yours always 16 days?

digitalgirl Tue 20-Jul-10 23:18:45

15 or 16 days for me. It's usually pretty constant in every woman, so if you normally have 13 or 14 days between ov and af then that's what you'll always have. They can vary between 10-16 days from person to person. Any less than 10 is obviously a problem because your body may not be giving the fertilised egg a chance to implant.

Most women have at least one anovulatory cycle a year (where you don't release an egg). It's perfectly normal. If in case you're still getting bfn's and no af for a week or so this could be the explanation.

Good luck!

LittleSilver Wed 21-Jul-10 19:59:14

Agree with digigirl. A +opk doesn't definitiely mean you ovulated (they are so badly marketed imho). And no, there isn't always 14 days between ovulation and AF.

Hope you get the answer you want.

FanjolinaJolie Wed 21-Jul-10 22:53:14

AF can follow ovulation from 12-16 days, 14 days is just an average.

I'd say it's unlikely you are pregnant if you have BFN after 14 dpo, sorry.

soundsofblackness Mon 10-Jan-11 14:00:06

Hi guys,

Some women do not produce enough HCG so it shows up as a negative result. My sister experienced this; she has a regular 30 day menstrual cycle, once her period was 7 days late she tested and got a negative. She tested again a week later (period now 2 weeks late) still negative. Went to her doctor (period now 3 weeks late and no symptoms) and had a HCG blood test done and got a positive! Now a mother to an 18 month old little girl. Baby dust to you all!

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