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competition boss organiser person i have a question

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Tortington Tue 09-Aug-05 23:17:22

when am i due to expect my winnings?


Tortington Wed 10-Aug-05 10:53:46


CompsManager Wed 10-Aug-05 11:57:00

thought i was in trouble when i saw the tittle
let me just have a look, be back to you in a min.

CompsManager Wed 10-Aug-05 12:10:15

hi custardo, I am still waiting for a winner to give me her details but I will send the details for those who have contacted me and send hers later.

Tortington Wed 10-Aug-05 16:37:29

thank you

Tortington Thu 25-Aug-05 17:29:55

hello comps manager - obviously i want to keep on your very good looking good side. however when am i due my winnings. i ask this as my cousin is expecting a baby soon and i want it to look like i have spent a lot of money by giving her this prize.

thank you

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 25-Aug-05 21:34:59


Champs - aka our comps manager - is probably giving birth as we write.

If you could write to and let us know which comp it was you're waiting for we'll chase it up for you.

See Champs - we miss you already!!

Tortington Thu 25-Aug-05 22:21:31

oh sorry! eek. have a nice baby champs

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