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I've just finished my first bottle of Fairy Liquid - how is yours lasting?

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RustyBear Thu 27-May-10 10:22:55

Almost two months to the day since I started it, so the 6 bottles I got should last exactly a year.

Scarily accurate prediction, especially as I do have a dishwasher, but also a DH & a DS who tend to do a lot of hand washing up & squirt the stuff in with gay abandon, so useage probably evens out.

4andnotout Thu 27-May-10 10:27:19

I have nearly finished my third bottle, there is about an inch or so left in the bottom.

I don't have a dishwasher though and have a family of 6 so a fair amount of washing up a day.

juuule Thu 27-May-10 10:41:51

A bottle usually lasts me a month. 10 of us at home and rarely use the dishwasher.

aristocat Thu 27-May-10 23:28:28

i am on my second bottle, but i am a generous squirter too blush

it will be a struggle to make it last a year!

KarenBo Fri 28-May-10 14:45:17

Mine always last terribly long, I hardly buy any - no dishwasher is our house, using the old technique upgraded with the handle that I fill Fairy in. Something I don't have to keep buying :-)

elliemental Tue 01-Jun-10 15:22:34

we only have 2 left shock

Quality Sun 11-Jul-10 23:50:08

I am now most of the way down my 4th hmm
I tend to wash up in bursts when i have the inkling to, so 2 or 3 bowls a day, plus a dishwasher.
4 in 4 months. Less than impressed.

mustrunmore Thu 29-Jul-10 21:26:03

We are on the fourth.
Family of four, no dishwasher, but did have a bottle of tescos own to use up before starting on the fairy.

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