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What's the record....

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SenoraPostrophe Sat 30-Jul-05 13:46:50

...for the number of comptetitions entered without winning anything?

I have entered about half the comps since I joined (I don't bother if i can't use the prize, and sometimes they ask for a review of something I don't own). So 3.5 years times, say, 1 comp per month is 42 competitions. It's probably more like 60 and I have never won once.

Can anyone beat that?

Also is it my imagination, or do user names close to the beginning of the alphabet win more often?

jabberwocky Sat 30-Jul-05 13:49:44

Awww, so sorry SP. Actually I was wondering if this would be "What's the record for the longest time you have waited for your prize?" I was so excited to win one back in April, but prize has still not arrived!

SenoraPostrophe Sat 30-Jul-05 14:05:46

y'see? you're a J.

Maybe I should change my name.

Have you asked champs about your prize?

Nbg Sat 30-Jul-05 14:09:25

You could be on to something there SP.

I too have not won any

Although I only enter ones that would be beneficial to dd.

jabberwocky Sat 30-Jul-05 19:19:43

Checked with champs and she looked into it but that was a month ago and still nothing yet.

Whizzz Sat 30-Jul-05 19:35:51

No - I won a Webland comp a while back and I'm a W !!

jamiesam Sat 30-Jul-05 23:26:42

I've won twice and as you see, I'm a J. Change your name to Aardvark for comps...?

CompsManager Mon 01-Aug-05 14:23:53

SenoraPostrophe -- afraid it is your imagination just had a look at database.

jabberwocky -- how terible!! I actually chased that prize up for you didn't I Comp host promised me they were going to get it out to you in her email she sent me on 9th June!!! I am so sorry you haven't got it yet. Will get on this right away!!

lol jamiesam !!

jabberwocky Mon 01-Aug-05 17:32:24

That's so sweet of you to look into it again. I was getting a bit embarrassed to email again, but it did sound like a nice prize.

Nemo1977 Mon 01-Aug-05 17:36:38

aww SP
I do enter comps if i can use the prize and have been lucky enough to win once and fantastically at a time when i really needed a So no its not the names just luck

CompsManager Tue 02-Aug-05 18:27:46

jabberwocky -- not at all, wish you had emailed me as I thought you must have recieved it. The prize was very nice.
I have emailed you regarding host's reply

Hulababy Wed 03-Aug-05 11:07:55

I enter any competition that either me or DD could benefit from. I do forget at times though, as I don't link here via the home page.

I have actually won 4 competitions
* tickets to see barney live, in Birmingham
* Disney Aladdin competion
* Easy 2 name pack
* and this past week, I won a UV sun pack too

I did win one of these in a different name though.

CompsManager Wed 03-Aug-05 17:14:48

arrrgggghhh!! Hulababy, you've just reminded me about the easy 2 name kerfufal!!

lunavix Sun 07-Aug-05 10:21:15

omg did I win this weeks???????????

It's the first time I've won anything in my life if I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hulababy Sun 07-Aug-05 11:37:56

Well done lunavix!

bambi06 Sun 07-Aug-05 11:45:09

i once suscribed to a competitors weekly thingy for a year and every weelk entered masses and never won a bloody thing!!!!

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