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Pictory competition winners

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justiner Wed 25-Jun-03 14:19:52

Calling Cam, BeckBoo, Mckenzie, Whymummy, Stan69 and FifiDella. We're still waiting on your details so we can send you a PICTORY book kit each. Can you send names and addresses of who you'd like it sent to to
Their well worth having (believe me)!

kmg1 Wed 25-Jun-03 20:46:33

Justine - have your children used them? For what age would you recommend them? Do the kits have lots of spare pages in case they make mistakes?

These kits seem pretty pricey - are they worth it?

codswallop Wed 25-Jun-03 21:03:48

Cant believe Wm wins when she is on hol in Agadir! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Shall I take it and lets not tell her? !!

justiner Thu 26-Jun-03 14:24:26

My four year olds did their first a few months back (I think you can start from when your kids can draw pics and think of a description for them - I'd say three) and we think they are absolutely brilliant - hence we've decided to sell them through the site. You do get quite a few pages so it doesn't matter if the odd one goes a bit wonky. I just absolutely loved doing it with my two - we did a page of the story a day with them drawing a picture and me writing the words that they suggested (with a bit of parental editing). What I love is that you get back a laminated book which you can keep forever - it's a fabulous record of what they are doing/ interested in (in our case jellyfish, princesses, sharks and death/misadventure of all kinds) - and I plan to do one every six months or so. They make wonderful gifts as you dedicate it to someone. Of course mine wanted to dedicate theirs to themselves (don't quite get the dedication thing) so we compromised on them and Grandma/ Granny. I also think they're great for taking on hols as you get everything you need in them - pens, paper etc in a folder - and they're easily packed. I can see why you think they're expensive but bear in mind you get everything needed to post them off and they are sent back bound and laminated. Anyway, as you can see, I'm a huge fan - all my relations/ godchildren etc are getting them this Christmas!

kmg1 Thu 26-Jun-03 18:51:26

Thanks Justine - I've ordered one! May order more if I like the look of it.

whymummy Sat 05-Jul-03 19:45:39


hands off my pictory cod!!!

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