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toaster comp

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fishie Thu 25-Feb-10 16:51:26

cooee mnhq: i went to change settings to receive child development emails, to find I already had this selected. but i've never had one in 5 years. so i took it off and then turned it on again. does this count as an entry? i relaly need a toaster....

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 26-Feb-10 15:21:32

Hello fishie. lol at your toaster desires.

Now, to answer your last question first: no, we're afraid that doing that won't have entered you into the Nutella comp. To enter each comp, you need to click on one of the two links in the How to enter bit of that comp - it's the actual clicking of the link (and any follow-up stuff that comes with it) that enters you.

So, if a comp has "add a name to our Babyname Finder" as an entry requirement, you need to click on the "add a name to our Babyname Finder" link to add you name; just adding a name to the Babyname Finder some other way won't enter you into the competition. Does that make sense?

Good news for you, though, is that you can also enter the Nutella comp by sending a tip, so all is not lost.

And finally, sorry to hear that you've never had any child development emails. Do you get any other mails from us, like the newsletter or Talk roundup?

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