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Can Someone From MNHQ Come Talk To Me Please?

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magnolia74 Wed 20-Jan-10 16:26:05

Sorry to post it here but did post on winners corner and emailde both geraldine and alexia.
I know its only 8 days since We won the Explorer pack inc £600 halfords vouchers but it hasn't been made clear what happens next.
I emailed all my contact details over a week ago but haven't been told if we get a phone call, an email or just wait for the prize to turn up?

I know I am going to sound ungrateful and i really am more greatful than you know but dh's bike is broken and we were going to borrow money to get him one as he needs it to get to job interviews. Obviously if we have won £600 to spend on anything in halfors we don't need to borrow money but its clear as mud as to if and when we would get the vouchers?

Can anyone find out and let me know please?

Huge thanks smile

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Jan-10 17:35:59

Hello magnolia74.

Sorry to hear you're unsure about what's going on.

We've passed your details on to the Halfords PR and they've promised to get in touch to send you your prize.

Obviously, some PRs are more efficient than others at the prize-sending-out thing, and we do sometimes have to give them a boot up the backside chase them up a bit.

Alexia has chased Halfords today - but please bear in mind that they only got your details on Friday, so they probably deserve a day or two more to get their act together.

Do let us know if you don't hear anything soon. smile

magnolia74 Wed 20-Jan-10 19:29:23

Thanks Helen smile

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 22-Jan-10 12:20:24


The PR says all prizes posted out yesterday, so hopefully it's winging its way to you.

magnolia74 Fri 22-Jan-10 16:51:42

Yay excellent grin

Reggiee Mon 25-Jan-10 10:05:59

Just received my parcel today - camera and Bic goodies. Fab fab fab smile. Thanks again MN!

Eddas Mon 25-Jan-10 11:12:52

reggie, did it come in the normal post?

domesticextremist Mon 25-Jan-10 12:23:08

Eddas - no it was a man and a van...

Reggiee Mon 25-Jan-10 16:15:00

Citilink I think.

Deffo man with van courier type, not Royal Mail.

Hope yours has arrived Eddas.

Reggiee Mon 25-Jan-10 16:17:24

Oops. Just seen he's been Eddas. Happy spending grin.

<slinks off to do some colouring with new Bic crayons>

Eddas Mon 25-Jan-10 16:26:43

grin thanks reggie. Enjoy the colouring winkgrin

Sadly dh and the kids will spend all the vouchers, I was more excited about the tip-ex mouseblushgrin[freak]

magnolia74 Mon 25-Jan-10 21:55:05

Dh was like a schoolboy grin

We now have 4 yes 4!!!! NEW BIKES!!!!! And a bike carrier for the car.
Mumsnet thank you grin

I was wondering though.....we have no purchase reciept for the cameras so what happens if they brake???

magnolia74 Mon 25-Jan-10 21:55:41

omg...i meant break blush

magnolia74 Wed 27-Jan-10 21:37:06

Any chance someone can answer my question on what we do if the camera(s) develop a fault?

AlexiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 29-Jan-10 14:29:25

Hi magnolia74

If your camera develops a fault, we'll be happy to contact the sponsor for you to let them know.

Lets hope it doesn't come to that though

Alexia MNHQ

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