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Winners' corner. Check in here to see if you've won a MNHQ prize 2010

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AlexiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Jan-10 10:41:28

Happy new year everyone!

New thread for 2010

GypsyMoth Mon 04-Jan-10 10:59:04

oooh wonder if i've won anything?/ i never,ever have done so we will see this year!

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 05-Jan-10 15:21:05

First winner of 2010 is fothergill. Your name out of the hat for the children's health survey and you win a £250 voucher for a store of your choice.

Email is on its way

Dozymare Thu 07-Jan-10 22:45:39

marking my place for this year and hopefully a prize of some sort! grin

PurplePillow Thu 07-Jan-10 22:46:40

Marking my place too but I never win anything sad

meltedchocolate Fri 08-Jan-10 12:10:58

Meh, I wont hold out too much hope. I have won two things in my life and think thats all the share I will get...

Anyway, we will see....

stickylittlefingers Fri 08-Jan-10 13:59:41

hi - just to say that the bob the builder toys were a huge hit with dd2 and my nephew! Apparently the dancing Bob was out of stock but they promised to send it when it came back in... I'm think dd2's birthday!

Thanks ever so much for a lovely prize

wannatalk Sun 10-Jan-10 19:27:40

OMG - Thank you so much for my email. grin
I knew this year would be better!!!

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Jan-10 10:35:26

Dec comp winners

So full details of prizes here and the winners are:

MrsMattie wins the Feather Down Farm holiday

CliffRichardSucksEggsInHell wins the DSi console plus Shaun the Sheep game

Mamazon wins the £150 La Senza voucher

wannatalk wins the laptop/garden party subscription

CurtainTwitcher, TheButterflyEffect, Eddas, LoveBeingAMummyKissingSanta, domesticextremist and magnolia74 win the £700 Bic Explorer pack.

Will post the runners-up shortly.

Please can all the winners check their inbox/spam/junk folders and email alexia


domesticextremist Tue 12-Jan-10 10:54:29

OMG shock thank you so much! and have just had a dreadful morning as well - cant believe it grin

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Jan-10 10:54:55

And the runners-up are:










Everyone wins a kid's camera and a bumper pack of Bic stationery. Congrats all round.

Reggiee Tue 12-Jan-10 11:05:33

grin grin
I've just received the email. Thank you thank you thank you thank you <jumps up and down> grin.

It's my birthday today too grin

Have I said thank you?

Eddas Tue 12-Jan-10 11:38:51

I just got my email and have replied, I can't beleive I won gringrin

wannaBe Tue 12-Jan-10 11:44:20

I've never won anything. sad when are the winners of the princes trust survey being announced?

purpleturtle Tue 12-Jan-10 12:01:11

I just got my e-mail too. Never won anything from Mumsnet before. How exciting! I'm used to DH paying more attention to his camera than to me on days out - looks like the kids will be following suit. smile

readyfornumber2and3 Tue 12-Jan-10 12:12:36

Just had my email thank you very much grin smile
I just danced round the room with my baby DD lol

LoveBeingAMummy Tue 12-Jan-10 12:36:13

*Thank you so much*

I am so excited and my prize could well be the incentive to get on my bike, afterall it will be a new one grin

This is fab news and just what I needed cheers mn x

1legmummy Tue 12-Jan-10 12:48:24

Thankyou - how exciting xxx

CurtainTwitcher Tue 12-Jan-10 13:31:47

OMG thank you soooo much, am delighted as we wanted to buy bikes for dh and I and DS needs a bigger one so the voucher will be fantastic xxx

AmpleBosom Tue 12-Jan-10 14:02:47

Thank the lord my luck is changing, this year has been so crap up to now!

Thankyou grin

Bleatblurt Tue 12-Jan-10 14:07:19


[has meltdown with excitement]

My evil munchkins will love the prize. grin grin grin

magnolia74 Tue 12-Jan-10 15:54:16


I was having the shittiest day ever and this has stopped me from feeling really down about life blush

Thank you smile
This will help so much as dh desperately wants to take ds1 out riding so now we can get a trailer bike for him and a bike for me to share with dd1!!

MumGoneCrazy Tue 12-Jan-10 16:46:04

Well done to all the winners so far this year grin

Ive never won anything sad

Can i rub one of you for luck? grin

Ronaldinhio Tue 12-Jan-10 16:55:58

blardy winners grin

Awassailinglookingforanswers Tue 12-Jan-10 16:56:55

well done to all the winners.

I've never won anything in all the time I've been here (and I was entering the competitions long before I started posting)

maybe this year.........

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