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Don't know if we can post other Online competitions on here, but if so - here is one to win Toddler Books!

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jambo1707 Tue 21-Jun-05 09:27:16


I have just entered for my sons nursery, I also couldnt scroll down but when I used the tab key it takes you to next line and finally submit.

Excellent prize

hi5 Mon 20-Jun-05 19:19:53

Thankyou for that, did anyone notice the registration page for schools too - there are free starting school packs, only trouble was I couldn't get all my details on the page would not scroll down....any one else tried it?

trace2 Thu 16-Jun-05 16:49:51

me too

jambo1707 Thu 16-Jun-05 12:19:56

Thanks I have just entered too

helsi Tue 14-Jun-05 21:20:12

oops I enetered as though it was dd entering as it asks for you to get a grown up to complete the personal details bit!!

I said that the siad song was what mummy sings and it makes me cry!!

having read thatnow it could be either that its a lovely song or money sings like a howling cat!!

charleepeters Tue 14-Jun-05 21:18:31

i have enterd my reason was a it soppy what was yours?

mine was

Row your boat - i was singing this to my son when he smiled and laughed for the first time! soppy but true! its still his favorite

kama Tue 14-Jun-05 21:14:40

Message withdrawn

helsi Tue 14-Jun-05 21:06:38

have entered - trying to get some books for new creche being opened at work shortly as limited funding available and we want it to be successful.

Milliways Tue 14-Jun-05 20:59:25

Sorry if not allowed, but this looked a nice easycomp to win some Ladybird books

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