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Kiddiroo Competition Giveaway

(9 Posts)
Kiddiroo Mon 22-Jun-09 21:17:51

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Olihan Mon 22-Jun-09 21:44:54

Pay for an ad?

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 22-Jun-09 21:47:39

I bet these fabulous fabric playsets are almost as good as the useless tat baby feeding thingy that you broke the rules advertising on your last post.

MaureenMLove Mon 22-Jun-09 21:47:50

And there's another one! I take it you've reported this one too Olihan?

Habbibu Mon 22-Jun-09 21:49:17

I have, Maureen.

squeaver Mon 22-Jun-09 21:49:21

Someone's got a very very poor internet marketing company working for them.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 22-Jun-09 21:50:23

FFS, there's another one if these! Cheeky!!

BCLass Mon 22-Jun-09 21:52:50

FFS another!



Olihan Mon 22-Jun-09 22:22:48

Yeah I did Maureen. MNHQ are on the ball tonight.

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