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Christmas 2008 name change competition

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GerryChristmasMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 12-Dec-08 16:28:43

We've done a shortlist, ridiculed criticised each other's choices and come up with a final 12. You've got until Wed 17 Dec to vote for your favourite and Alexia's finding a suitably splendid prize for the winner. [My flashbacks from the Halloween name change fiasco comp are pretty infrequent now grin]

etchasketch Fri 12-Dec-08 16:30:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hassled Fri 12-Dec-08 17:09:39

I've voted for the clear winner but why no MulledManneredJanitor? I love that name!

Swedes Fri 12-Dec-08 17:12:43

Onebatmother suggested IorekByrnison become IorekByrnisonOnIce but I don't think it was adopted. Was a marvellous idea though.

Wilf's is great.

luvlydECMOrations Fri 12-Dec-08 17:18:12

I should boycott it as my name isnt there... actually I think I must be typing in white as all my posts go unnoticed...or maybe I'm really boring..
Ok self pitying rant to vote now!

JacksFirstChristmasMama Fri 12-Dec-08 17:31:01

Should have nominated TheInvisibleManDidItWithSanta.

LedodgyChristmasjumper Fri 12-Dec-08 18:02:28

Oh come on I must have more than one friend I voted for myself and only have two! grin

DasherDancerPrancerFMVixen Fri 12-Dec-08 18:22:22

ledodgy, it is a great name, it truly is...but you ware teh same jumper every chrsitmas....grin

LedodgyChristmasjumper Fri 12-Dec-08 18:22:58

Yeah but I wash it!

WalkinginWaynettaWonderland Fri 12-Dec-08 19:17:29

I voted for Buda, even though by rights I shouldn't have because I nominated her and didn't make the shortlist myself.
tis a fix I tell you


Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Fri 12-Dec-08 19:32:54

oh am on there..wont win though cos never who to vote for...hmmmm

LedodgyChristmasjumper Fri 12-Dec-08 19:54:32

You can vote for me since I came up with your name. grin I still only have 2 votes! sad

DorrisMcWenceslas Fri 12-Dec-08 20:16:40

Oh LeDodgy, how can you only have 2 votes?
I love your christmas name, it creases me up every time I see it pop up on a thread grin.
That advert about the lone dodgy christmas jumper left in the wardrobe (possibly for dab radio?!) reminds me of you too smile

LedodgyChristmasjumper Fri 12-Dec-08 20:20:45

Ty Dorris. grin It's funny how random things remind you of mn posters isn't it? I have no idea why but everytime I clean the small table on my landing I think of JanH (wendyweber) I'm sure it must be related to a thread somewhere down the line but it's weird! grin

baublerock Fri 12-Dec-08 20:22:02

I voted for Dodgy - thought it was a clear winner! grin

LedodgyChristmasjumper Fri 12-Dec-08 20:35:11


LilySwalLoosHerTurkeyBaster Fri 12-Dec-08 20:35:19

done grin

simpsonsChristmasSpecial Fri 12-Dec-08 21:00:14


NorbertDentressAngel Fri 12-Dec-08 21:08:15

You've got my vote Ledodgy smile

NewKnickersFromSantaOnMaHead Fri 12-Dec-08 22:06:35

Voted for MummyLin

<<<Knickers wonders off muttering to self about not being on list>>>

HumphreyCushUponAMidnightClear Fri 12-Dec-08 22:31:02

Some good names on the list.
Gerry is getting the hang of this selection process thing. wink

Mercy Fri 12-Dec-08 22:38:50

I didn't even know there was a comp!

(btw glad to see 2 of my faves are there, but my other 2 are missing) <sulks>

HarktheHelenMumsnetAngelsSing Fri 12-Dec-08 22:45:23

You should have seen Gerry's first list, Humphrey grin

HumphreyCushUponAMidnightClear Fri 12-Dec-08 22:52:24

I still have PTSD from Halloween.

HarktheHelenMumsnetAngelsSing Fri 12-Dec-08 22:53:46

So does Gerry wink

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