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costa rica- when is the blimmin draw please?

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schwotz Wed 15-Oct-08 22:25:00

Will Mn or winners post anything about the trip? Blog it? Come on we want to know all about it.

hifi Wed 15-Oct-08 21:17:46

i thought i would be flying in november.they are cutting it a bit fine.

hifi Wed 15-Oct-08 21:16:35

god ive had so many missed calls, number unavailable, its got to be me.

Blondilocks Tue 14-Oct-08 22:17:01

Ooh I think I entered this! Will watch this thread....

WeeBesom Tue 14-Oct-08 22:05:26


carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 14-Oct-08 22:03:18

Hi all

Sorry for all the suspense. The truth is the Kenco folks are in charge of choosing the winners, so it's out of our hands but we have asked them when they'll have the final three selected and will report back.

lulalullabye Mon 13-Oct-08 12:44:12

Of course ! but I shall have the hoodie bit up for the rain which occurs around late afternoonwink

schwotz Mon 13-Oct-08 09:33:48

Will you be wearing that orange Tshirt on your profile or packing it?

lulalullabye Sun 12-Oct-08 19:48:19

Apart from that I told them that I would be at the airport with my case whether they chose me or not grin

childrenofthecornsilk Sun 12-Oct-08 19:43:11


lulalullabye Sun 12-Oct-08 19:41:19

I confess to having had an interview in London on Friday. I met the girls from the PR company and they were lovely.

I will reveal no more wink

MoiAussi Sat 11-Oct-08 14:34:06

Have we any idea how many people they're interviewing to get to the final 3 - is it 9 or 10 or something? (I know a few people have admitted to being called etc).

schwotz Fri 10-Oct-08 21:20:44

I had to send pics of me in my bikini, they say I can go if I want on condition I trim lady garden. Still thinking about it,

Ewe Fri 10-Oct-08 21:20:38

They do a telephone interview and then they want to do a face to face meeting over coffee, of course! They asked me to go next week [nervous]

ShinyPinkShoes Fri 10-Oct-08 21:20:10

Interviewing the finalists I believe!

cremolafoam Fri 10-Oct-08 21:18:26

interviewing what, who, why

cremolafoam Fri 10-Oct-08 21:17:54

yes , but
I demand THE TRUTH!!!!!!

I need to dig out my scuba gear and flippers , but I think dh sold them at a car boot sale
[bad day]

Ewe Fri 10-Oct-08 21:17:01

They're interviewing at the moment.

Saturn74 Fri 10-Oct-08 21:15:57

I fly out tomorrow.
Did you miss the thread?

cremolafoam Fri 10-Oct-08 21:14:41


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