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What was Jamisam recipe??

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woodpops Wed 26-Jan-05 08:26:14

I'd love to know. Always on the look out for quick recipes.

jamiesam Fri 28-Jan-05 13:32:53


Barely a recipe

I posted an easy cheese sauce - melt cream cheese with grated cheese, slacken off with a bit of milk and stir into steamed vegetables.

I have the unusual problem of 18mth ds2 who loves low calorie food and I found that smearing some cheese sauce on upped his calorie intake a bit - as well as not taking hours to prepare (he goes off his tea if I take too long to prepare it too - I am boss in my own house - repeat....)

PS Where are the recipes? I look for them Weds but couldn't find.

PPS Just got an email to say I won the comp - rather ashamed given mediocre (SP?) recipe - doesn't anybody vet the quality of the submissions!!!

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