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Does anyone use competition websites and if so are they good?

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pepsi Sun 23-Jan-05 09:20:52

Ive really got into competitions lately and Ive been entering some on websites like Prizefinder where they list loads of comps, most are just leaving name and address, etc. Are these any good. I suspect junk mail will be pouring through my door soon. Ive set up a hotmail account so at least all the crap e:mails go to one place which I can ignore.

galaxy Sun 23-Jan-05 10:24:37

I did this for about 6months and gave up. Never won anything and got fed up with junk emails / mail

janeybops Sun 23-Jan-05 11:14:41

won a trip to film premiere recntly with limo and night in hotel. haven't been yet though

jessicasmummy Sun 23-Jan-05 11:16:36

too many junk emails - at least 8 per day!

Casmie Sun 23-Jan-05 11:44:29

I currently use Loquax which is a portal (i.e. it lists other sites which are running competitions). Tend to "trust" it more because the sites it references are legitimate sites (such as the BBC or John Lewis etc) who are running competitions. I always ignore sites who SOLELY run competitions (like survey sites) because I do think they're spam generators.

PopsP Tue 01-Feb-05 00:43:11

I use Prizefinder too. I have won a few little things like books, bowling tickets etc, but never anything big.
I don't get much postal junk mail and most of the junk emails have an unsubscribe option so you can get rid of it pretty easily.

Gwenick Tue 01-Feb-05 00:56:32

Definitely recommend Loquax - link above in Casmies post - if you register (free) and no spam - you can use the 'tracker' which helps you keep track of what you've entered and where. Plus there's a very helpful forum if you get stuck on questions, have problems with comps etc etc

Some of the survey sites are ok - but generally only the 'general' surveys that don't ask for specifics about insurance, pets, etc etc -

The following don't seem to send any spam and I know people that have won on them

NOP surveys (tends to be -ipoints that you win there though)

I'm sure there's a few others - but can't remember then off hand.

I've won quite a few prizes - but not many recently (But I had a LONG break - over 1yr from it hence the lack of prizes). Most recent was a silk bag and scarf worth £70 that I won on the New Women website, past prizes have included a night in a 5 star hotel in Manchester, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast and Bed all included, plus tickets to watch Man U v Newcastle United (doesn' sound excitign but was great fun actually). It was a 'game' that we had to play and I was only 2 points off the top prize.........which was TWO Nights in the hotel and £1000 as well as VIP match tickets.

The thing is with prizes is that if you don't enter them, you WON'T win. Also don't forget that sometimes the closing dates can be a LONG way in advance, so you may have to wait and find out.

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