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HUGE grins in the Dragonfly house :D

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ladytophamhatt Thu 29-May-08 19:48:51

OMG, that is one cooooool prize

well done bluedragon, you deserve it!!

Flamesparro Thu 29-May-08 19:45:51


You have no idea how happy I am for you!!!!!!!!!!

MaureenMLove Thu 29-May-08 10:19:32

That's brilliant! Glad its gone to a good home!

TheApprentice Thu 29-May-08 10:16:02

Congratulations! I'm sure your boys will love it, and its seems like you are deserving a bit of good luck right now.

Flier Thu 29-May-08 10:15:31

fantastic, your boys will love it.

BlueDragonfly Thu 29-May-08 10:14:09

i have just seen it, i don't usually read the home page because i never win blush

Psychomum5 Thu 29-May-08 10:13:20


was woohooing yesterday when I spoke to flame!!!!!

<<<psycho doing cartwheels for bluedragonfly>>>

<<<psycho now bruised and sporting a very humiliated ego for trying and failing said cartwheels>>>


BlueDragonfly Thu 29-May-08 10:13:12

this pirate ship thingy

Flier Thu 29-May-08 10:12:29

congratulations! grin

what have you won?

BlueDragonfly Thu 29-May-08 10:10:54

I won a prize!!!!gringringrin

AM stupidly excited!! Actually i cried - a LOT.blush I am having a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment. I have PND but trying to manage it myself although admittedly not very well at the moment, i think i may be heading for my second bout of mastitis and its half term (crazy emoticon). this week has been incredible. Someone posted a cheque to me to pay for deposit on rented house so it means i can move from this crappy flat with all its problems. And now this grin my boys can play outside <sob>
Oooooh I'm off again!

<waits for email to send details to MNHQ>

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