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Still sulking about the camping review thing MNHQ - have i missed a thread with an explanation?

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Flame Tue 20-May-08 22:13:56

Spamming friends to join was bad enough, but now limiting entries to people who have experience of international camp sites???

Tis like telling people they can only review cloth nappies for a comp, when only a small % of MNers may use them.

Miaou Tue 20-May-08 22:25:09

I would be interested to know how many entries they had compared to usual, Flame

(and no, I didn't enter because I can't, despite the fact that I actually wanted the prize this time!)

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 21-May-08 13:00:23

Hi Flame - please don't sulk! Not all competitions will work for everyone (you know the saying you can't please all the people etc) but Catherine is beavering away and we do have loads more than we used to in the hope that over time everyone gets a chance to enter a fair few and indeed win one. We know overseas camping is a little specialist but there is another fab competition to win a weekend break on offer this week and all you have to do to enter that is add a local listing.

And we need folks to send us new product reviews so they are as useful as possible to as many as possible as soon as possible. Camping may not be your thing (I'm with you there by the way) but hopefully some of our Mumsnet Best reviews are, so you can see why we want to encourage folks to contribute to them to make them as useful as poss.

Anyway tell us what criteria you'd like for competitiion entrance (site related) and we'll try and make it happen at least once.

MamaG Wed 21-May-08 13:01:31

The criteria I'd like for competition entrance is that you have to have Mama and G in your name

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 21-May-08 13:13:33

Yes, sigh, I knew there'd be some suggestions of that ilk... smile

Flame Wed 21-May-08 13:30:07

I want to sulk. I have pmt wink

As much as I love the sound of a weekend break, alas, the pmt kind of makes a lamaze weekend seem a bit redundant grin

No specific criteria required from me <snigger @ MamaG>, just more than one way to enter

(Sorry for being arsey, it is a perpetual state atm for some reason blush

itsahardknocklife Wed 21-May-08 19:23:06

Yeah I wanted to enter this one but I've never stayed in a campsite abroad either sad

Flame Thu 22-May-08 17:13:44

All is forgiven... book reviews and pirate galleons grin

Do you get an entry per review?

Blandmum Thu 22-May-08 17:17:23

damn I could have eneterd this one! and I missed it!

Tortington Thu 22-May-08 17:27:59

i cna't enter the wooden gallion one. its horses for courses.

so i sent in a review - will that go into the competetion box - cos it doesn't say its a competition

Flame Thu 22-May-08 17:39:09

You can't review a book??? Really??

Tortington Thu 22-May-08 17:44:11

oh well i could win it and take it from someone who could genunely want it i suppose - then flog on ebay -

Flame Thu 22-May-08 17:55:00

Ah I see - I was arsey about the entry stuff, not the prizes wink

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