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Errrrr MN HQ I have a complaint.

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Nbg Fri 16-May-08 20:23:24


I entered the luxury Cyprus holiday the other week and sent my friends email address with her agreement.
Anyway I went on holiday, came back on Tuesday and I had a message off my friend today saying that she never got an email from you for her to join sad

So as a result I presume that I wasnt entered into the comp.
Why is this?
Is there anyway you can check?

Nbg Sat 17-May-08 08:54:04

Bumping because I WANTED THAT HOLIDAY!


lisad123 Sun 18-May-08 00:32:09

my first referal didnt work either!! Holidays already gone hun

Flame Tue 20-May-08 22:11:59

That sucks

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 21-May-08 12:24:23

Nbg, sorry about this - have no idea what happened but will ask Tech to take a look into your referral.

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