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CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Apr-08 09:45:34

Specialist family tour operator, Tots Too, is now a Mumsnet discount partner. To celebrate we've got a luxury family holiday to Cyprus, worth more than £5000, up for grabs.
Check out details here
Good luck!

artichokes Thu 24-Apr-08 09:50:31

Gah, I want the prize but to win it I would have to tell a friend I use Mumsnet. No way! I don't want RL people finding out what I really think...

BettySpaghetti Thu 24-Apr-08 09:55:50

my sentiments exactly artichokes

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 24-Apr-08 09:56:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SirDigbyChickenCaesar Thu 24-Apr-08 09:57:56

surely that's what extra email addresses are for?

FluffyMummy123 Thu 24-Apr-08 09:58:43

Message withdrawn

BettySpaghetti Thu 24-Apr-08 10:01:07

Can we go back to Top Tips instead please

BettySpaghetti Thu 24-Apr-08 10:01:08

Can we go back to Top Tips instead please

ROSEgarden Thu 24-Apr-08 10:02:50 added a friend, but she wont se my MN name will she????????

ChocolateRockingHorse Thu 24-Apr-08 16:29:55

Arrgh! So desperate am I for a holiday of some kind that I have actually recommended a Real Life Friend!! shock

(The friend actually has to join for us to be entered into the competition do they?)

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Apr-08 18:16:11

Fraid so - they won't know your posting name though...

This is the mail they get

justine roberts (ie the name you've registered with) has suggested that you may be interested in mumsnet, the website designed to meet all your parenting needs.

Mumsnet is a unique network of parents pooling their know-how on everything from where to go on holiday with the kids to how to persuade your baby to sleep through the night.

Mumsnet is different from other parenting websites and publications because all our information comes from the people who know best - other parents. So please visit us at

Best regards,
The mumsnet team.

note to self to update that mail - it's a bit dry don't you think?

does no one have anyone they can ask - they don't have to be your best buddy (who you've completely torn to shreds on AIBU)?

ps the more friends you ask, the more times you'll be entered....

fatzak Thu 24-Apr-08 20:49:46

Just entered and then read the small print that it can't be taken in school holidays - not much point then as I'm a teacher sad

ChocolateRockingHorse Thu 24-Apr-08 22:44:31

Oh bugger the rules for once. (And I never take holidays in schools terms.. or indeed take holidays..!)

Rough it you're a teacher though Fatzak. Sorry you can't bugger the rules

Sparkler Fri 25-Apr-08 16:00:04

Well I've entered. The way I'm feeling right now I don't care who knows me on here and when the holiday is. DH, Me and DDs all need a holiday and this could be the only chance of getting one this year. smile

Whizzz Fri 25-Apr-08 16:01:53

Can't be taken in school holidays !
Grrrrr - that's me out as well

southernbelle77 Sun 27-Apr-08 09:08:29

Well I need to win this one as this is the last year I will really be able to take holiday in term time

QueenyEisGotTheBall Tue 29-Apr-08 21:26:02

im in!! i hope i win this onegrin i never win anythin... i suppose i do forget to enter sometimes thoblush
xx ei xx

jammi Thu 01-May-08 10:36:24

Message withdrawn

CrazyMofo Tue 06-May-08 09:35:00

is this still up for grabs??

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-May-08 13:17:26

Hi CrazyMofo, yes it's still up for grabs. Comp closes at 11:45pm today. Good luck!

Flame Thu 08-May-08 10:50:55

still not happy about having to spam friends to join

JeremyVile Thu 08-May-08 10:57:28

Ok - done it, do they have to join up before 11.45 though??

Hmm, may have left it a bit late..

Oliveoil Thu 08-May-08 10:59:33


I don't want my friends on here

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