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Win a TV with Freeview in return for just a few minutes of your time...

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 25-Feb-08 17:48:02

As an added incentive for those of you (and there are quite a few shock!) who haven't already completed our Internet safety survey, we've added an additional prize of a fab TV, thanks to Mr Men for supplying this. grin
First out of the hat will get a choice between this and the wonderful Siblu holiday and the runner up will get what's left.
Best of luck

PortAndLemon Mon 25-Feb-08 17:53:44

You could just keep pinning new threads about it to the top of Active Conversations until Moondog gives in and fills in the survey another 300 times...

JeremyVile Mon 25-Feb-08 18:01:35

Done. And bump.

(Is it just me that kind of knows that registering 'done' on the entry thread isn't necessary but cant bear not to post, just in case this is where you pick the winner from? grin)

winestein Mon 25-Feb-08 18:02:55

Not normally one for pedantry, can I just point out that an age seems to be missing from the choices. It goes from "under 3" to 4, which just happens to miss out DS's age. Any chance of just handing over the TV now, to make up for it? wink

SparklyGothKat Mon 25-Feb-08 18:33:04


RTKangaDYSONMummy Mon 25-Feb-08 18:36:37

I have done it too but there isn't a space for our MUMSNET name

Does that matter?


Good idea having a comp for the older children to be the subject of iyswim


WinnieThePooh Mon 25-Feb-08 18:42:04


Cataline Mon 25-Feb-08 18:47:53

Also done!

winniethewino Mon 25-Feb-08 18:49:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ledodgy Mon 25-Feb-08 18:53:04

Done! smile

Jacanne Mon 25-Feb-08 18:54:21


Mummyof2boys Mon 25-Feb-08 19:22:44

done grin

Mummyof2boys Mon 25-Feb-08 19:22:49

done grin

meandboys Mon 25-Feb-08 19:23:40


S1ur Mon 25-Feb-08 19:30:35


Can I have a telly please?

Or a holiday?

Aw go on.

SpookyMadMummy Mon 25-Feb-08 19:37:58

Done it.
I never win anything tho....

TurkeyLurkey Mon 25-Feb-08 19:51:56

Done it.
And we need a new Telly.

desperate emotion

IamTheSpeedingHam Mon 25-Feb-08 20:44:59

will we please be considered if we filled it in ages ago becuase we love you more than these sycophants

love custy ( your faitful servant who hasn't won owt in ages )

Beauregard Mon 25-Feb-08 20:57:06


ellceeell Mon 25-Feb-08 21:01:36

done - but the question about talking to your child about internet safety and at what age annoyed me a little as I've had that (low key) discussion probably every 6 months since dd2 was allowed on the computer - trying to make it age appropriate each time. So, what age should I have ticked?

We got a CD sent home from school about 2 weks ago, all about keeping children safe on the internet. Every child in the school got one.

mishymoo Mon 25-Feb-08 21:45:04


mishymoo Mon 25-Feb-08 21:46:33


mishymoo Mon 25-Feb-08 21:46:34


tortoise Mon 25-Feb-08 21:52:38
I would love a new tv!

Rachmumoftwo Mon 25-Feb-08 22:00:49

Done, but there was no box to tick for overprotective mum who logs on to cbeebies or citv for them and doesn't let them on anything else...
I'd be happy with a holiday or new TV, I'm not fussy!

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