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WIN an In the Night Garden goody bag........

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CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Feb-08 13:33:55

Just send us a tip and it could be yours!
Details here
Best of luck
MN Towers

OracleInaCoracle Thu 21-Feb-08 17:27:10

<racking brains for a tip>

<starts to panic>

Ledodgy Thu 21-Feb-08 17:29:12

I've just sent a tip which advised others if they wanted to win an ITNG goodie bag it would be a good idea to write a tip. Will that still count do you think? grin

OracleInaCoracle Thu 21-Feb-08 17:33:59

lol, dont see why not!

i have no original tips.

although i do do a nice line in sexual emotional blackmail, will tip about that count?

Ledodgy Thu 21-Feb-08 17:39:16

I reckon so!

OracleInaCoracle Thu 21-Feb-08 17:43:13

done one.

Disenchanted Thu 21-Feb-08 17:43:20

Oooh fingers crossed

DualCycloneCod Thu 21-Feb-08 17:44:05

see my tips

tee hee

Disenchanted Thu 21-Feb-08 17:46:53


DualCycloneCod Thu 21-Feb-08 17:47:36

tyheyll come up one day

Disenchanted Thu 21-Feb-08 17:47:44


Before vigorously shaking your child's NEON GLITTER POSTER PAINT, make sure the lid is fixed securely. (Squonk)

OracleInaCoracle Thu 21-Feb-08 17:48:22

hehe just added another one.

OracleInaCoracle Thu 21-Feb-08 17:49:15

go into the topics!

bonkerz Thu 21-Feb-08 17:55:44

im so excited becasue i finally have a tip which may not be common knowledge!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Feb-08 18:10:26

Ledodgy - I think you need to get your thinking cap on actually.

Yes cod. IIRC your best tip was "Don't have kids, they take up all your time.' hmm grin

Ledodgy Thu 21-Feb-08 18:11:09

I'm thinking, I'm thinking!

funnyhaha Thu 21-Feb-08 18:15:36

MNHQ - I added a tip, but it didn't (as it usually does) come up with that 'if you've done x to enter a competition, consider yourself entered message.
Do i need to think up ANOTHER moment of parenting genius <scratches head>

tasjaSAmuminUK Thu 21-Feb-08 18:22:13

I just entered my tip, came up with my tip when I entered, is that it? Am I entered in the competition?

Ledodgy Thu 21-Feb-08 18:22:26

Ok i've added 2 genuine tips now. smile Olivia you sounded rather stern then and I was quite scared. Be nice to me i'm post-natal! sad

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Feb-08 18:27:42

Sorry, ledodgy forgot my <kindly smile> how postnatal are you? congrats. grin

Tasja and funnyhaha when you enter a tip it doesn't say you're entered but don't worry, you are.

Ledodgy Thu 21-Feb-08 18:29:17

grin Thanks. I'm exactly 7 weeks today post natal, a very fast sleep deprived 7 weeks!

funnyhaha Thu 21-Feb-08 20:04:41

smile phew

tasjaSAmuminUK Thu 21-Feb-08 20:40:01

Thanks Olivia smile

EHM Tue 26-Feb-08 16:02:27

just added tip, or am I too latesad

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 26-Feb-08 16:05:06

EHM, no you're not too late! Good luck and bump for anyone else!

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