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I really really don't want to cause trouble but......

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welshmum Mon 18-Feb-08 14:53:03

Where is our competition prize?????
I won a Disney dressing up outfit and doll for dd back in November 2007.
I wouldn't mind so much but dd was pretty excited about this.
I've emailed mumsnet's lovely helpers lots of times and been assured that it was being sorted out but it hasn't been.
So now I'm cross.
What shall I do?

captainmummy Mon 18-Feb-08 16:28:36

Oh god I won the Shaun the sheep comp only recently, I hav;ent had the prize yet. I don't want ot have to wait 3 months - dc will be grown out of it by then!

Threadworm Mon 18-Feb-08 16:32:26

I had some problems with my prize weekend in Manchester that I won in the Halloween namechanger comp. Not Mumsnet's fault. The PR company laying on the prize made a few cock-ups. I'm waiting for them to sort it out.

I wonder how common these sorts of problems are.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Feb-08 19:27:15

Hi Welshmum
Sorry I've only just seen this. As you may know, our problem is that we send the prizewinners' details to the competition hosts.

Prizes don't go out from MNHQ directly, so often we don't know if something has or has not arrived. I've sent another email to the prize host and will speak to her (or her superior if she's not available) first thing in the morning.

MN Towers

welshmum Tue 19-Feb-08 14:44:59

Thanks Olivia, I do hate hassling you but I don't think Disney should get the publicity without giving away the prizes they offer.
Sure you understand.

welshmum Mon 25-Feb-08 11:10:40

Hello Olivia, It's finally arrived so thank you so much for sorting it out. Just for your future dealings with Disney (I do not want to sound ungrateful at all) but it is 4 months after the competition ran and they didn't include the doll that was part of the prize. I think it's worth you knowing that....

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