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MN I won the barbie comp but i havent received the prize - it supposed to be tomorrow DD is very upset

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nailpolish Thu 27-Dec-07 14:31:15

can you help MN


nailpolish Thu 27-Dec-07 14:32:08

if the tickets are supposed to be arriving tomoorw itll be toolate

the postie comes at 2pm and the show starts in glasgow at 230

VictorianSqualor Thu 27-Dec-07 14:40:56

Can you email MN?
They might not see this.

foofi Thu 27-Dec-07 14:41:29

You might get noticed more quickly if you put this under Sitestuff?

Hope you get it sorted out.

Fimbo Thu 27-Dec-07 14:42:03

Will there be anybody in at MNHQ?

Stupid question I know, but have you tried emailing them?

Bumping and keeping my fingers crossed NP, poor dd.

nailpolish Thu 27-Dec-07 15:01:22

i have emailed them yes

FlllightAttendant Thu 27-Dec-07 15:05:11

I had an email this morning from Justine so they are about sort of. Hope it gets sorted out NP x

SHHHHoutsantasbeen Fri 28-Dec-07 12:04:00

np, are you sorted for the show..? fingers crossed you are...

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 28-Dec-07 13:13:38

Hi, yes I spoke to Naily last night and it's all sorted now. she (and her DD) should be happily on the way to see Barbie as I type.

SHHHHoutsantasbeen Fri 28-Dec-07 13:45:35

aww glad she managed to get there in time smile
Hopefully she will tell us all about it once back.

Thanks Olivia. x

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