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Huge thanks for our day in Lapland

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tigermoth Sun 16-Dec-07 11:26:59

Thanks MNHQ for having this as a prize. It was a wonderful day and I hope Crystal Holidays will let you run this competition again next year so someone else can win it.

It was very long day, but there was so much to remember. Being in the middle of a snowy pine forest, with reindeers, sledges, and santa in his grotto was like stepping into a christmas card and seeing everything come to life! DS2 was quiet with amazement and I know will be thinking about it for ages. It was an unforgettable and amazing experience grin.

TheHollyandtheOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Dec-07 10:52:59


yulemoonfiend Wed 19-Dec-07 11:04:17

envy envy grin

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Wed 19-Dec-07 11:43:25


Hulababy Wed 19-Dec-07 12:00:44

How wonderful! This must be the best prize MN has run, lucky you. Glad you had a great time with your DS.

FioFio Wed 19-Dec-07 12:02:47

Message withdrawn

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