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Win a Camcorder in The Mumsnet Festive Name Change Competition

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 05-Dec-07 15:17:54

Oh yes, we are spoiling you.
So, even though the emoticons haven't got their hats yet, we know how much you like to get into the spirit of Christmas, so we're arranging a festive name change competition and the winner will win a fabbo Camcorder and a copy of Evan Almighty on DVD.

So, what do you need to do?

Post your Christmas name and your usual posting name so everyone can see how clever you are on this thread.

MNHQ will make a shortlist and there will then be a poll on which you can vote to determine the winner.

(who needs X Factor and Strictly, eh?!)

Good Luck!

3missyshohoho Wed 05-Dec-07 15:21:26

Great comp, although mine is so not imaginative grin there are some good ones out there though!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 05-Dec-07 16:45:36


SquonkaClaus Wed 05-Dec-07 16:53:31

I'll have a go grin tis not the best Christmas name that I've seen - can we nominate others on here, or do we have to get them to post themselves?

(tis squonk btw, in case you couldn't guess)

TheQueenOfQuotes Wed 05-Dec-07 16:54:51

oh well I've got no chance - I can't think of anything hmm

MincecePie Wed 05-Dec-07 16:56:46

I'll give it a go!

It's cece btw. smile

aWorminaManger Wed 05-Dec-07 16:59:02

I'll give it a go too. smile


NappiesLaGloriainexcelsis Wed 05-Dec-07 16:59:11

hmmm, well this is my current offering, tho, fickle cow that i am with far too much time on my hands, ill prob change about 40 times between now and crimbo (as per blinkin usual)


NappiesGaloriaInExcelsis Wed 05-Dec-07 17:00:47

slight modification...

myrrhthamoo Wed 05-Dec-07 17:01:02

Oh, I won't win, not with this old thing <<<twirls anyway in a vaguely hopeful manner>>>

MerryAnnSinglemas Wed 05-Dec-07 17:01:08

I've had my festive name for so long that it no longer seems festive to me - but in case you hadn't guessed, I'm usually MaryAnnSingleton

LedodgyChristmasjumper Wed 05-Dec-07 17:01:14

I'll give it a go too but Lissie will have to get the prize if it wins as she named me.


TinselGalore Wed 05-Dec-07 17:03:50

another varaiation...


wannaBeSantasBaby Wed 05-Dec-07 17:04:08

me me me.

tis wannabe btw.

mind you I can't even win an argument let alone a competition, grin.

AnAngelWithin Wed 05-Dec-07 17:04:54

mines quite christmassy anyway i suppose

BrandyButterGalore Wed 05-Dec-07 17:05:30

are we sensing a theme here?


(is ok, ill shut up and bugger off now.... blush)

merrylissiemas Wed 05-Dec-07 17:05:48

lissielou/lissie but everyone calls me lissie

allIWannaBeForChristmas Wed 05-Dec-07 17:06:53

ah no actually changed my mind grin.

allIWannaBeForChristmas Wed 05-Dec-07 17:07:23

angelwithin I have the perfect name for you grin.

cornsilk Wed 05-Dec-07 17:07:39

Does the name have to be based around your usual mumsnet name or can it be completely different?

AnAngelWithin Wed 05-Dec-07 17:08:07

whats that then wannabe??

BrandyButterGalore Wed 05-Dec-07 17:11:07




funny how a little competition gets the creative juices flowing isnt it?

allIWannaBeForChristmas Wed 05-Dec-07 17:12:26

<<begins to sing>> "HarkTheHeroldAngelWithin" grin.

SantaClausFrau Wed 05-Dec-07 17:20:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnAngelWithin Wed 05-Dec-07 17:28:51

very good wannabe!!

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