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Micro scooter - haven't got an email yet...

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Astrophe Fri 16-Nov-07 13:29:15

Just wondering if it WAS actually me??? Is there another astrophe???

Also, I was wondering if there was any chance of swapping the weykick for a klimba, if hamandeggs wanted to (or if the promoter didn't mind), simply because I think my DC are a bit little for the weykick. Of course we will happily put it aside for a future Christmas present if a swap isn't possible! Looking forward the the scooter, which will be wrapped up for Chrissy!

Many thanks MNHQ

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 17-Nov-07 16:06:21

Hi Astrophe - I haven't sent the email yet blush - one of those weeks I'm afraid - I will talk to the organiser on Monday and then email.

Astrophe Sat 17-Nov-07 21:02:50

Oh, its fine, sorry to rush you. I only wondered if you had the wrong email addy, or if I had my wires crossed or something. Hope your week was ok.

Hamandcheese Tue 27-Nov-07 10:46:15

just spotted this - sorry apostrophe, I think my little children (and me) will get more fun out of the klimba too, so not up for swaps (was worth asking though)!

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