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A moan about the Ellie Grey competition

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 08-Aug-07 12:27:03

Brilliant. Glad to hear it.

MissM Tue 07-Aug-07 13:36:19

Hi Olivia

My prize arrived yesterday - hooray! And very nice it is too.

MissM Thu 26-Jul-07 21:35:05

Thanks Olivia. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt and think I've been very patient waiting at the beginning and now, haven't complained. I don't really think that's being ungrateful, not too weird to expect something you'd won and to expect the company to at least know something about it in the first place surely??? Will chase if nothing as you suggest.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 26-Jul-07 10:41:43

Hi MissM
Sorry to hear you're still having problems.

As I've said on other threads, it's tricky because we have to assume that the prizes have arrived unless we're hear otherwise.

The reason that there was such a big delay in the first place is that the host that I'd been dealing with had left the company without passing on the relevant details to her successor - these things happen I suppose not that I am making excuses for them.

I'm sure this is just a postal strike problem but if you've not received your prize after the weekend please drop me an email on olivia at mumsnet dot com and I'll chase them again.

lulumama Wed 25-Jul-07 20:58:43

MNHQ are usually very good at chasing up this sort of email them !

princessshhhh Wed 25-Jul-07 20:57:10

lol pm.! Ungrateful..! missm has won and is awaiting a prize she is entitled to.!

Good luck missm, if I was you I would chase mnhq.

princessmel Wed 25-Jul-07 12:52:04

You do sound a little ungrateful.

There has been a postal strike too.

I'll have the prize.

Carnoodleusfudge Wed 25-Jul-07 12:50:58

If this was a mumsnet competition I would ask them to take it up with ellie Grey

princessmel Wed 25-Jul-07 12:47:27

MissM Wed 25-Jul-07 12:46:44

I won this (without even knowing that I'd entered) which was very exciting. Except that they've been rubbish. First my prize voucher didn't arrive for ages until I posted on Mumsnet asking what had happened to it and they got on the case. Then when I rang with my order saying that I would be paying with a prize voucher they professed to know nothing about such a thing and had to ring me back after consulting with someone high up. That got sorted out and I sent off my order with the voucher. But this was over 10 days ago and I still haven't received anything. So the upshot of it all is that I wouldn't recommend shopping with Ellie Gray, and I am cynical about receiving my prize!

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