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lulumama Wed 06-Jun-07 12:15:11

My lovely set of Stellar saucepans arrived today, all lovely, new and shiny ! am very pleased..thank you soooo much

ps does this mean i have to cook now?!?!

BishyBarneyBee Wed 06-Jun-07 12:16:06

pan envy

lulumama Wed 06-Jun-07 12:18:34

<<smiles fondly at lovely big shiny saucepan..>>

lulumama Wed 06-Jun-07 17:47:04


so MNHQ matriarchs can revel in my gratitude

<<locks pans in display case..far too shiny to use....>>

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Jun-07 21:51:28

Hi lulu,
tbh, I'm torn between <<lovely warm prize-bestowing glow much like when a recipient isdelighted with a well-picked present at Christmas>> and
As for the cooking, nah, you'll have to wash them up then. Leave them lying round the kitchen and people will think you're a domestic goddess by osmosis.

Glad you like 'em.
As for the rest of you - lots more great comps coming up this summer, folks.

Rubyslippers Wed 06-Jun-07 21:53:59

lulu - you won a comp and i have to find out on MN <<harumph>>
You better blardy well start cooking now ....

i still have my fingers crossed to win the years supply of flash!!

lulumama Thu 07-Jun-07 07:24:41

thanks Olivia will try domestic goddess by osmosis !

did i not tell you?? sorry Ruby...have present for the chubbly wonder boy....speak later x

stoppinattwo Thu 07-Jun-07 07:40:57

dont be putting the rabbits dinner in them

Wotznotreallyhere Wed 13-Jun-07 13:28:10


TippiHedren Wed 13-Jun-07 13:29:48

Well done lulu, i have those pans and i love them!!

lulumama Wed 13-Jun-07 13:33:55

am really pleased, ditched a load of old pans last week, so have cupboard full of new shiny pans...we got some stellar pans when we got married, so it is great to have lots all the same...feel all nigella - ish !!

MellowMa Wed 13-Jun-07 13:35:36

Message withdrawn

lulumama Wed 13-Jun-07 13:36:47

have never won anything good before

Wotznotreallyhere Wed 13-Jun-07 13:45:24

well done, most sincerely

[goes cries in corner, as I'm such a bad looser, been trying for longer as much older and never won anything. Goes to polish up old woolworths pans...]

lulumama Wed 13-Jun-07 13:46:21

when you come to visit, i;ll let you stroke them !

Wotznotreallyhere Wed 13-Jun-07 13:52:19


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