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A big THANK-YOU to Mumsnet and Alton Towers from the Aero crew!!

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Aero Fri 01-Jun-07 21:46:35

We had a fantastic time!!

Just got back late last night after two glorious nights away.

After winning the comp around this time last year, we finally got to go this week. Wanted to say huge thanks to MN for the comp and to Alton Towers for a lovely stay. We were given a VIP room and it was no problem for our win for a family of four to be upgraded to accommodate the five of us. We could never have gone without ds2 (3.5), and he had such a wonderful time.

We'd never have been able to afford this normally, so we're really grateful to all concerned. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the room was lovely and dinner was superb, not to mention a great breakfast and a very entertaining few hours in the evening with the hotel's cabaret act.

We all loved it, so once again, thank-you, from the bottom of our hearts, from all in the Aero household!

sammac Fri 01-Jun-07 21:48:02

I'm so pleased that you all had fun- can't wait to hear more

ChipButty Fri 01-Jun-07 21:48:48

So pleased you enjoyed yourselves.

WelshBoris Fri 01-Jun-07 21:49:21

Hi Aero <waves>

How is Baby Cadbury?

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 01-Jun-07 21:50:10

lucky buggers

Aero Fri 01-Jun-07 21:57:07

Hi WB <waves right back>. Baby Cadbury is just the most gorgeous wee thing. (Not that I am a biased Godmother to be or anything)!!

Sammac, QV and CB - was fabbo!

With grateful thanks also to ChocolateBirdy for the B&B suggestion. Yoxall Cottage was lovely and the owner was very warm and welcoming and cooks a gorgeous breakfast! Would definitely recommend a night there.

Aero Fri 01-Jun-07 21:59:42

ps - Sammac, psst, over here.... (msn)I'm in!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 02-Jun-07 11:08:14

<<Warm competition-bestowing glow>>

Aero Sat 02-Jun-07 12:12:09

Quick bump in case chocolatebirdy is around...............

Cadders Sun 03-Jun-07 13:59:29

So glad you all had a great time. You deserve a treat like that.

Hi Boris - thanks for asking after Aimie - she's doing well and is very beautiful. I think I've put some photos on my profile so have a look. Will update them soon. Aero is rather biased but is also a bit broody I reckon (not that she will admit that you understand )

How are you then my welsh friend?

Aero Sun 03-Jun-07 21:03:20

Ahem, Cadders, my lovely, just to clarify....Aero is definitely not broody! I can get all the baby cuddles I need from young Aimie with the added bonus of not having to get up in the night!

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