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Calling Shazronnie and Lockets . . did you ever get the Lunar Jim bits you won?

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lulumama Thu 31-May-07 22:04:29

oh, hatrick, that is awful

maybe MNHQ will buy you a set of lunar jim stuff


hatrick Thu 31-May-07 22:03:35

Message withdrawn

lulumama Thu 31-May-07 21:59:45

that was aaaaaaages ago !

hatrick Thu 31-May-07 21:59:20

Message withdrawn

Cadburt Fri 04-May-07 12:55:25

It's cadbury btw

Cadburt Fri 04-May-07 12:30:56

I didn't - Oliviamumsnet said she would look into it but I haven't heard anything. Wondered if you had? (quizzical)

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