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ELC/Barnyard Comp- has anyone received their prize yet?

(7 Posts)
NurseyJo Thu 22-Mar-07 20:23:13

Message withdrawn

lionheart Fri 23-Mar-07 23:52:58

Nothing yet.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Mar-07 18:00:00

Are you still waiting? Let me know and I'll chase it.

lionheart Mon 26-Mar-07 18:54:15

Yes, still waiting.

lionheart Mon 26-Mar-07 18:54:42

Have spent the voucher several times over though.

NurseyJo Mon 26-Mar-07 20:53:08

Message withdrawn

lionheart Sat 14-Apr-07 15:57:08

Got the voucher today and a message to say the dvd would be sent on separately.

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