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Anyone fancy Fairy school?

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Mar-07 21:02:04

Just to say there's a new competition up here

It's Barbie based so don't look if that's not your thing, but if you have a little one into fairies, it's definitely worth checking out.

Good luck!

Ladymuck Thu 08-Mar-07 13:35:31

Carrie, the comp page seems to indicate that it is for girls only. Is that because they won't let boys participate? I have a ds who would love to win this!

Lucycat Fri 09-Mar-07 11:13:47

oh god yes - have been wracking my brains for stuff to enter - this would be heaven for my two!

Make a great birthday present for them - save me having to get them anything {grin] ore should that be

yeahinaminute Fri 09-Mar-07 11:37:14

Ok - I've added a parenting tip MNTowers - and as it's so fab I'm sure DD and I will be winners !! !!!

bettythebuilder Tue 13-Mar-07 13:37:01

OOOh, OOOh, my name is on the homepage- it says I've won! yay! What do I do now? (apart from breathe deeply into a paper bag...)

Filthymindedvixen Wed 14-Mar-07 19:00:26

BTB - was just about the start a thread asking for photos of you in your tutu
congratulations! (I forget, you have a Girl so probably this is a fab prize )

bettythebuilder Wed 14-Mar-07 19:44:42

oh, never mind dd - I'm regularly seen tripping around town in my pink tutu

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 14-Mar-07 22:16:23

WOOOOOOOOO and indeed, HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm a frickin winner - just the ticket for a hairy handed trucker like me. DD is going to be beside herself. And it was the worst tip I've ever submitted - I ran out of tried and tested real-life tips yonks ago and have basically just been throwing random pearls of Bear's wisdom into the pot to see what happens. Well what do you know but I struck fairy gold. I so hope DW isn't working, 'cause man I can't deal with any more Fairytopia. I am so Mr Lucky right now! I'm off to Cheltenham to work my magic there. Later ladies! Oh and thanks!!

PS what do I do now - will a fairy arrive at the door shortly? Do I need to find a tooth to stick under a pillow?

Califrau Wed 14-Mar-07 22:29:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 14-Mar-07 22:40:16

ooh ooh where? I''ve been working and not been on here. Hell yeah I won, I'm a big fat winner. Winning rules!!!!!!

It's not a weekend at Ickworth, a holiday in France or a speedboat like Bully's special prize, but it's a WIN!!! And I'm loving it!!!!

thanks - am off to hunt Soupy down

remember, it could be you next. Try one of Bear's lucky tips: If they're too young to swim, they're probably too young to scuba...

Califrau Wed 14-Mar-07 22:45:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 14-Mar-07 22:58:00

found it, thanks

glad it made someone's day!

scatterbrain Thu 15-Mar-07 14:34:52

OOoohh - are there multiple prizes coz I just got an email saying I had won too !!! Just today though ! And no name on the homepage

First competition I have won in over 6 yrs on here - so Hoorah !!

However - does anyone know when the Fairy Schools are ? The competition page says 18th March - which is this Sunday - but Rachel has asked for my postal address so Mattel can send me details ??

Anyone know ??

scatterbrain Thu 15-Mar-07 14:52:15


scatterbrain Thu 15-Mar-07 15:27:57

Anyone know !!!

I would hate to tell dd about this and then she can't go - or we don't get the info in time !!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Thu 15-Mar-07 18:07:10

Hey winner! Alls I know is "18th March at cinemas in Fulham, Southport, Edinburgh Omni, Manchester Lowry and Reading and on the 25th March at cinemas in Plymouth, Leeds Kirkstall, Bristol Cribbs, Birmingham and Cheshire Oaks."

We're near one of the 25th March ones, so should be fine for us. I guess you should contact Mumsnet Towers if you're an 18th March and don't hear early tomorrow. Good luck. FWIW I haven't told DD until I get something definite in my paw.

scatterbrain Thu 15-Mar-07 19:27:31

Thanks Bear, Yes I've asked Mumsenet Towers but no response ! We are near an 18th March venue - and thankfully we are free this Sunday - but blimey late notice !!! Just hope that Mattel can get the info to me in time !!Am defffo not telling dd until I ahve it !!

Wonder why I only heard today ?

scatterbrain Fri 16-Mar-07 13:37:34

In case anyone was interested ...... have now had email from Mattel and we are going THIS Sunday !!! Can't wait to tell dd - and I have just rung her "best friend in the whole world"'s mum and she can come too !!!

Lucky we were free actually - surprised how short notice it all is !

Still - never look a gift horse in the mouth etc - Am VERY sad I didn't get onto the homepage as a winner though !!!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Mon 19-Mar-07 10:11:57

Well, SB, how was it? We're still waiting to hear details about this Sunday coming.....

bettythebuilder Mon 19-Mar-07 12:56:41

Same here, Bear.
I don't want to tell dd just in case something goes wrong and she doesn't get to go, but I do want to tell her so she can look forward to it (iyswim )

bettythebuilder Wed 21-Mar-07 11:05:38

Quick bump to see if any other winners have heard anything?
There was nothing in the post today, and I've not had an email from Mattel, yet...

Dragonfairy Wed 21-Mar-07 11:12:05

Oooh DO tell....!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 21-Mar-07 12:42:08

nothing here either - Rachel at Mumsnet Towers is cahsing Mattel

SCATTERBRAIN!!!! was it good or what?

Dragonfairy Wed 21-Mar-07 16:30:00

Bumping...desperate to know what fairy school was like!!!

scatterbrain Wed 21-Mar-07 16:38:48

Hi all,

Well - I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything - but actually it was no great shakes !

Of course dd and her friend enjoyed it - but !

OK - freezing cold wind blowing - letter says that we must be in by 9am to avoid disappoitmnet (ie, suggests that if you are late you won't get in !) Well - doors not opened until 9.10am ! We were then left in cinema foyer for 20 mins - no-one knowing whether we were meant to be going upstairs or if we should stay where we were. Eventually a boy fairy/pixie appeared and waved us up. The kids just sat ont he floor of the foyer - and these three "adults" dressed as fairies talked to them - there was Fairy Nuff, Fairy Posie-anna and Fairy Philomena Flumpalump. Each child got a plastic bag with two ribbons, a stick and a cardboard star to cut out - adults then helped them make a wand. Then they did a bit of "activating" to make wand work and that kind of thing. then in to see the film, which incidentally was a DVD and came out to buy on the 19th !

The goodie bag was a disappointment - a plastic bracelet and some Mattel Fairytopia promotional leaflets and a few Barbie postcards !

If I had travelled far I would have been very disappointed !

Not really sure why they did it ? Suppose it si marketing - but I certainly won't be buying anything !

Of course - the girls loved it - but it was pretty basic !

AND I still never got my name on the bloody home page !

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