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Any news about the Wii prizes?

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coppertop Tue 06-Mar-07 11:04:36

Has anyone heard anything yet about the Wii prizes and when they will be posted?

<hopeful emoticon>

mellowma Tue 06-Mar-07 16:41:20

Message withdrawn

roisin Wed 07-Mar-07 21:18:18

I won a Wii game too, and it has never arrived. (Though I too have nothing to play it on ... yet!)

MellowMa Fri 09-Mar-07 11:11:58

Message withdrawn

coppertop Fri 09-Mar-07 16:36:21

Got mine this morning too. Ds2 loves Rayman so has claimed the T-shirt. I've also found a way to make use of the game prize. A local games shop will either buy it outright or give a voucher so that I can get PS2 games worth an equivalent amount. This way ds1 and ds2 still get a new game and the prize isn't wasted.

Thanks MNHQ.

roisin Fri 09-Mar-07 20:02:34

Yes, mine arrived today too

The boys were very excited ... until they realised I hadn't bought a Wii ... yet!

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