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humphreys corner winners....have you recieved yet??

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smeeinit Thu 22-Feb-07 10:06:04

have any of the h c winners recieved their goody bag yet?
not got mine yet

displaced Thu 01-Mar-07 14:43:29

I just got an email saying they are waiting for the personalised stuff to come in and it should be ready by next week.

I'm VERY excited - I NEVER win anything!

Thanks MN

smeeinit Thu 15-Mar-07 09:50:23

still waiting.......................anyone else recieved yet?

smeeinit Mon 19-Mar-07 12:15:30

i emailed the humphrey corner people who told me it would be a week to arrive,(that was about 3 weeks ago!) and i have heard nothing back? beginning to think i will never recieve it

tortoiseSHELL Mon 19-Mar-07 12:17:24

No I haven't, but they emailed me a while back to say they were waiting for frames.

smeeinit Mon 26-Mar-07 19:22:25

have either of you recieved your prize yet?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 27-Mar-07 07:07:04

Hi all
I've been on holiday so hadn't seen these. Sorry you've not received them yet but I'll chase this and let you know how I get on.

smeeinit Tue 27-Mar-07 12:57:15

thanks olivia!
hope you had a great holiday!

smeeinit Wed 28-Mar-07 11:02:01

recievd this morning! absolutly fab! well worth waiting for! fab!!

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