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Oh la la! Win a week's holiday in France in this week's competition.

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-Jan-07 14:47:57

If you haven't done your profile yet, here's another incentive to do so, it's one of the many ways of entering this week's competition . Of course, if you've got a great tip up your sleeve, we'll be glad to hear it too!
Good luck, MNHQ

tiredemma Wed 24-Jan-07 14:51:12

do you actually have to do anything else? ive got a profile, is that it? im already entered for the draw???

marthamoo Wed 24-Jan-07 14:52:23

I have no tips left. I am tipless. I'll have to do a profile

Biglips Wed 24-Jan-07 14:53:07

ive done mine too (profile) x

katzg Wed 24-Jan-07 15:01:32

have done mine but because you do the profile with your email address mine is registering for my GEMM user not my normal one.

CAMy Wed 24-Jan-07 15:07:12

Hi Olivia, do you have to make your profile public to be entered?

Marina Wed 24-Jan-07 15:31:59

Have done my profile so do I go in the hat automatically?
Oh and I do hope Siblu will not insist the winner takes the holiday during school term-time btw Olivia!

katzg Wed 24-Jan-07 15:36:10

thats what i checked but it says : The prize includes holiday home accommodation and return Dover-Calais ferry travel, and can be taken between 1 April and 30 June 2007.

so that would cover easter and june half term which i the only time i would be alb to go as DH is a teacher

meanscottishbint Wed 24-Jan-07 15:50:37

hello, can I enter if I have already added a tip this week?

ItsMeMellowma Wed 24-Jan-07 15:51:53

It will enter you if you made a tip methinks.

Thank you very very much for my spa break prize, I am/was delighted!!

CountessDracula Wed 24-Jan-07 15:52:12


Will have to remove profile instantly

meanscottishbint Wed 24-Jan-07 15:53:33

can you just give me the holiday? I really deserve it....
much less hassle for you and saves the disappointment of others... It sounds just the tonic I need

Sheraz Wed 24-Jan-07 15:53:35

I did my profile yesterday am I in?

meanscottishbint Wed 24-Jan-07 15:55:13

my dd has never been abroad, learning french could give her such an advantage in later life

meanscottishbint Wed 24-Jan-07 15:56:32

i didn't see that cd!

oxocube Wed 24-Jan-07 16:48:33

Ooh I like caravans! Profile coming up

oxocube Wed 24-Jan-07 18:12:44

Hmmm have just tried to add a profile but it published it with a different nickname

Lucycat Wed 24-Jan-07 18:17:52

mmm dare I enter a caravan competition or will the campers shun me forever?

marthamoo Wed 24-Jan-07 20:08:31

Only if you win, Lucy...

oxocube Wed 24-Jan-07 20:10:54

will try to think of a good tip instead

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 25-Jan-07 09:47:03

Hello, so many questions!
So, if you'd already done your profile then you'll be entered. AND if you're only just doing it now, then it will be entered. BUT you must make your profile public. HTH
For those of you, like katzg and oxocube that are publishing profiles with a different nickname, erm, I don't know why that is but will ask Tech nicely and see what we can do about it.
Good luck!

JoolsToo Thu 25-Jan-07 10:03:42

I sea Oliviamumsnet has not profile

JoolsToo Thu 25-Jan-07 10:03:52


CountessDracula Thu 25-Jan-07 14:13:28

abbymumsnet does

CAMy Thu 25-Jan-07 15:01:46

CD is complete airhead according to her profile

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