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So, how exactly are winners chosen???

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MerlinsBeard Thu 11-Jan-07 16:59:26

Is it the greatness of ur tip? speediness of ur ur recommeneded friend signing up?or names in a big hat?

I have no good tips left and even used up my average ones, i have no friends who don't already know about mumsnet and i have nothing to review so can i still have a chance of winning with a tip like erm...don't let ur children play with razors??

can u tell i was desperate for the Wii and gutted i didn't get it

Hulababy Thu 11-Jan-07 21:28:34

I think it is random. All those who enter get put in a virtual hat, and the computer picks a name out.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Jan-07 11:12:56

Yes it's random. Good news is they'll soon be lots of new ways to enter our competitions - beyond tip, rec a friend etc. We'll obviously keep you posted.

filthymindedvixen Fri 19-Jan-07 19:13:14

sigh, I would have settled for the shoe vouchers, never mind the Wii...
MoM, I'm all 'tipped' out too

Glassofwine Fri 19-Jan-07 19:16:48

hey - you suggesting my tips are no good

looking forward to receiving my wii

lulumama Fri 19-Jan-07 19:19:17

have never even entered as i don;t have any tips ! maybe glassofwine will lend you her wii on timeshare !

MarsLady Fri 19-Jan-07 19:20:00


DimpledThighs Fri 19-Jan-07 19:30:45

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