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Win a Fiat500 if you give birth on 15th Sept 2007

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albatross Sat 06-Jan-07 23:16:45

posting here as well as it sounds quite fun to me if you are expecting around this time.
I can't do links but check out

DimpledThighs Sun 07-Jan-07 15:46:34

to be expecting then you might not even know though!

what a bizarre competitions.

here's the link.

IntergalacticWalrus Sun 07-Jan-07 15:48:04

How odd!!!!

I wish someone had given me a car for having a baby.

IntergalacticWalrus Sun 07-Jan-07 15:50:00

In fact, when I had DS2, the lady in the bed opposite was given a beautiul bracelet from her husband as a gift after giving birth.

I could only look on enviously as DP came in and produced the newspaper from the day before and a carton of orange juice, of which he had taken a drink from...

albatross Fri 18-May-07 17:54:41

Thought I'd give this a bump for those of you with one

albatross Fri 18-May-07 18:27:24

Wow don't things vanish off active con quickly these days

albatross Sat 19-May-07 08:35:09

Last bump whilst the board is slower

charliecat Sat 19-May-07 08:39:08

All in a foriegn language to me??!!

albatross Sat 19-May-07 08:41:43
try this one

albatross Sat 19-May-07 08:42:11

albatross Sat 19-May-07 08:43:30

Oh I can't get it try cutting and pasting into your box it should come up in English I'm not sure whats going on.

albatross Sat 19-May-07 08:44:37

Yes cutting and pasting works
I still haven't improved at links

charliecat Sat 19-May-07 08:48:46

how mad!!!!!!!

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