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Win! Win! Win! Dora goodies up for grabs

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Dec-06 10:58:50

You could win some fab goodies simply by entering here
Good luck

BahHunkBug Wed 06-Dec-06 11:04:42

Have entered.

Nobody else need bother now.

onzephyrstdayofchristmas Wed 06-Dec-06 11:06:12

I give up with mn comps! Never win a thing and there are only so many things to review!!

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain Wed 06-Dec-06 11:07:48

I am sending in odder and odder tips with each comp

sandcastlesforanaussiexmas Wed 06-Dec-06 11:08:53

I'm cos I can't enter, I don't live in the UK anymore....but my dd wolld LURVE the Dora goodies.....

That's if I could think of a tip anyway!!!

oliveoil Wed 06-Dec-06 11:09:19

I have sent mine in:

Bribes work.

That is all you need to know. Move along, nothing to see here.

<<grabs Dora tat in a selfish unseemly manner>>

sandcastlesforanaussiexmas Wed 06-Dec-06 11:09:46

Oh I do got a tip

Don't move out of the UK as you won't be able to enter MN competition and win fab stuff!

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain Wed 06-Dec-06 11:17:55

Mine was "Dvd and video boxes make good building blocks... ps2 and xbox boxes don't. Teach them this young and they will llive long healthy lives."

sandcastlesforanaussiexmas Wed 06-Dec-06 11:22:23

here's one you can steal if you like...(re word as necc, I'm not doing ALL the owrk here!)

individual microwaveable desert pots, those little plastic ones? My dd uses them for stacking, counting, building a 'house'for her fav toy..putting her paints in, you get the idea!

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