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surely iff your tip *entertains* you shodul win

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WonderCod Thu 30-Nov-06 16:15:13

th persil nonbio

refers back to TWO threads on my tip last week

roisin Thu 30-Nov-06 16:21:54

WonderCod Thu 30-Nov-06 16:22:35

dont mock me roisin
i am out for VENGEANCE

hunkermunker Thu 30-Nov-06 16:23:02

I think so.

But then I get threads started about my tips too [smug]

WonderCod Thu 30-Nov-06 16:23:13

maybe i coudl provide the fariy non bio for the gustss at my aprty to snort

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 30-Nov-06 16:30:21

Its not a popularity contest you know.

roisin Thu 30-Nov-06 16:35:55

I wanted this one! I haven't won a MN comp for ages: used to win them every six months or so, when it wasn't so huge. Bah humbug.

MN HQ: Next time there's a weekend in Rome or something, it's mine, OK?

WonderCod Thu 30-Nov-06 16:52:18

vvq it is


WonderCod Thu 30-Nov-06 16:52:40

i am astill lol at my own " gordon bwon" typos
liek wonderpets

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 30-Nov-06 17:01:11

It was Grodon Bwon wasnt it, LOL!

I have never won a comp.

WonderCod Thu 30-Nov-06 17:03:18

i won a fbola hoover

a dn a dvd

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 30-Nov-06 17:04:24

Now you are just gloating. Its not attractive you know.

LadyTophamHatt Thu 30-Nov-06 17:05:53

YOu've won twice already, you greedy wench...It WAS my turn and I've been robbed!

NotAnOtter Thu 30-Nov-06 17:18:28

i think you have won enough then cod - its a lesser knowns turn

yulemoonfiend Thu 30-Nov-06 17:28:57

My tips are so shit i never even make tip of the day...let alone win anything. Mutter mutter mutter. I've tried everything. And i never state the bleeding obvious like ''if you child is afraid of the dark, why not give her a nightlight'. 'if you chld complains of hunger, try feeding them'. Wnak.

WonderCod Thu 30-Nov-06 19:49:51

you need to think of REAlly obvious htings to make the home pgage

liek " do not let your child reenact the highland gmaes and simulate caber tossing on your front lawn"

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