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Win a year's supply of Persil Non-Bio with Happy Feet

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 23-Nov-06 18:19:26

Get your Little Penguins dancing and you could win a year's supply of Persil Non-Bio. Enter here
Thanks and good luck

TheHighwayCod Thu 23-Nov-06 18:21:25

i have done a fantastic tip

NotAnOtter Thu 23-Nov-06 18:22:40

so modest

LadyTophamHatt Thu 23-Nov-06 18:23:30

I'm winning this one cod!

TooTickyDoves Thu 23-Nov-06 18:23:32

Persil test on animals.

TheHighwayCod Thu 23-Nov-06 18:23:59


TheHighwayCod Thu 23-Nov-06 18:24:09

i liek to test on doves

lockets Thu 23-Nov-06 18:27:09

Message withdrawn

TooTickyDoves Thu 23-Nov-06 18:27:54

Ha ha.
Are you the endangered type of cod that people eat or are you the other type that eats all the other fish?

NotAnOtter Thu 23-Nov-06 18:28:47

I have done a sparkling high chair review - plus my need is greater -5 kids!

LadyTophamHatt Thu 23-Nov-06 18:29:20

How do the work out a year supply?
We'll be a family of 6 soon so will undoubtedly use more than afamily of 4.

lockets Thu 23-Nov-06 18:29:28

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Thu 23-Nov-06 18:30:00

Unilevers statement on animal testing

Mellowma Thu 23-Nov-06 18:33:32

Message withdrawn

Mellowma Thu 23-Nov-06 18:34:26

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Thu 23-Nov-06 18:36:12

I have entered too

LadyTophamHatt Thu 23-Nov-06 18:36:30

never eat yellow snow...

how aboutthat one mellowma???

RTKangaMummy Thu 23-Nov-06 18:38:39

The 1st time I sent it I forgot to put my name on it

so I sent it again with my name at the bottom

Do I need to put my name?

Mine is the one with the "BOTTLE and DSs and DHs"

Mellowma Thu 23-Nov-06 18:41:11

Message withdrawn

Mellowma Thu 23-Nov-06 18:43:00

Message withdrawn

Mellowma Thu 23-Nov-06 18:43:23

Message withdrawn

LadyTophamHatt Thu 23-Nov-06 20:10:28

But its free washing powder

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 23-Nov-06 20:18:00

RTKM No you don't need to put your name in - we can see who tips are from with our mystical MNHQ powers! And from what I understand the Persil won't all be delivered at once!

RTKangaMummy Thu 23-Nov-06 20:37:17

Oke doke thanks

So we are spied upon

WideWebWitch Thu 23-Nov-06 20:38:38

Weren't they doing a promotion with SWMNBN? Is that thrown in too?

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