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D'ya know....I just LOVE it when a MNer I know wins the competion.

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LadyTophamHatt Tue 14-Nov-06 10:03:39

Well Done Enid.

Hope the girls enjoy it

unhappyDIL Tue 14-Nov-06 10:06:23

and misdee for the runner up!

LadyTophamHatt Tue 14-Nov-06 10:33:18

Ohhh even better...missed that bit!!

Well done ladies.

Enid Tue 14-Nov-06 10:33:38


did i win

have gone all cold

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:34:00


TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:34:19

what is it? plastic crap?!!

LadyTophamHatt Tue 14-Nov-06 10:34:24


katierocket Tue 14-Nov-06 10:35:54

Good O. Well done Enid.

LadyTophamHatt Tue 14-Nov-06 10:36:53

Enid...are you still there??

have you fainted??

MerlinsBeard Tue 14-Nov-06 10:38:43

what the hell tip do you have to give to win a bloody competetion?! I think the winnign tips should be published

back to the drawing board for the DS's....

not that i am bitter

foxinsocks Tue 14-Nov-06 10:40:11

wow enid - think the girls will be pleased!

IvortheEngine Tue 14-Nov-06 10:44:02

Yes, I like to see regulars win, too. Well done to the winners.

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:44:37

its plastic crap!

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:44:50

www won recelntly and Jim jmas

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:45:19

sorry thats ounds nasty
i mean" hahah its plastic crap! [grin" enid will ebsooo pleased arf

LadyTophamHatt Tue 14-Nov-06 10:46:10

who cares cod??

she won and it's free.

I love plastic crap when it's free!!

Gobbledigook Tue 14-Nov-06 10:46:17

Hey well done Enid! Fabbo prize for the girls!!

Nemo1977 Tue 14-Nov-06 10:46:48

congrates to you.
Also love MNERS winning seems to eb happening more often lately with yorkie and jim jams winning lately aswell.

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:46:48

hehe fastwofrwasd to enid

" god htis house is full of tools and ktihcen implements"

lucycat Tue 14-Nov-06 10:46:54

Yorkiegirl won very recently too.

<<<<<<aside to self - Keep plugging away lc you'll get there eventually >>>>

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:46:58

ooh yes yorkie

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:47:15

i won my FABBO hoover hting

Enid Tue 14-Nov-06 10:47:17

just had to tell dh

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 10:47:28

adn a dvd thign
adn MY recommndatiosn are shite

BudaBeast Tue 14-Nov-06 10:49:28

Congrats Enid!!!!

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