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Wouldn't YOU like to win a family ticket to Disney On Ice?

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Oct-06 12:43:11

That's the prize available in this week's competition and there will be three winners! Have a look here .
Good luck! MNHQ

FreakyFloss Wed 18-Oct-06 20:26:18

thanks olivia. Does saying thank you mean I might be more likely to win?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 21-Oct-06 11:15:12

I like your thinking Freaky - but, er, probably not. Sorry about that. Though manners maketh man and all that.
If you haven't had a look at this week's competition, you can do so here

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 22-Oct-06 18:01:51

It's almost your last chance to enter - the winner will be picked tomorrow.
This week's competition is here
Good luck! MNHQ

kid Sat 28-Oct-06 21:47:18

Was the winner announced for this?
(not that I expect to win but you never know!)

nutcracker Sat 28-Oct-06 21:48:54

Have been to see it today (didn't win the comp). It is absolutly fantastic, a must see for princess fans.

sorrell Sat 28-Oct-06 21:51:02

I used to go every year as a kid. I absolutely loved it. Amazing it is still going, but I'd like to take mine.

kid Sat 28-Oct-06 21:54:47

I took my kids to see a panto for the first time last year, they loved it so much. We are taking them to another one at Christmas.

hulababy Sat 28-Oct-06 21:57:23

We are going to see it later this month. DD is already excited and deciding which dress to wear - favouring her Cinderella dress at the moment

Saw it last year for first time and it was great.

Sparkler1 Sat 28-Oct-06 22:07:21

I got so excited reading this thread that I've just posted my tip. Picturing my two dd's watching the show brought tears to my eyes. Just realised that the competition has ended. My dd's would have loved it too. Oh poo!

nutcracker Sat 28-Oct-06 22:09:40

Take plenty of money with you, the merchandise is stupidly exspensive. It cost me £9 for 3 lots of popcorn

hulababy Sat 28-Oct-06 22:11:26

We take our own Even took our ownglow int he dark sticks and neckaces - £1 a go in Morrisons, lots about at moment with Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up.

The official merchandise is VERY expensive!

kid Sat 28-Oct-06 22:12:42

but when is the winner announced?!

nutcracker Sat 28-Oct-06 22:12:53

I had taken drinks and some sweets but kinda got sweet talked into the popcorn.

Refused to buy them anything that lit up and twirled round as they always break the minute we get home. Dd1 had a jewelery box thing and Dd2 had a bag, oh and we brought a programme.

hulababy Sat 28-Oct-06 22:14:27

I was very tight - I bought nothing last year! Did get DD something small from The Disney Store on way home though - much cheaper than at the show.

hulababy Sat 28-Oct-06 22:14:59

kid - not sure if they announce winners now. I won a prize recently and that wasn't announced.

pandagirl03 Mon 30-Oct-06 17:14:07

hey i won, just recieved a 2nd email asking for my details. i never recieved first email. im so excited i've never won anything b4

kid Mon 30-Oct-06 19:07:33

Congratulations pandagirl03, hope you have a fantastic time

hulababy Mon 30-Oct-06 19:10:42

Congratulations; have a fab time!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 01-Nov-06 08:07:30

Winners are announced on the home page (usually on a Tuesday) so keep your eyes peeled.

pucca Wed 01-Nov-06 10:05:31

I won tickets too

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