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Win BassBuds Football Collection BassBuds & BassBoomz

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brummymummy2 Tue 21-Oct-14 10:31:40

Hi everyone smile I've found this competition online with Shoot Magazine to win some official football headphones and blue tooth speaker from BassBuds Football Collection, looks like you can pick from Liverpool, West Ham, Aston Villa, Newcastle or Tottenham. Pretty easy to enter just follow BassBudsFC on Facebook and to get more entries just follow Shoot Magazine and BassBuds FC on twitter! Comp closes next Monday 27th Oct smile My sons a massive Aston Villa fan so its worth a shot!
Here's the link if anyones interested grin

brummymummy2 Fri 24-Oct-14 10:40:03

Hi everyone just a quick update, I looked little bit more into these cause I was thinking of maybe getting my son some come across both the headphones and bluetooth speaker on the Mirrors offer website for £20 off or you can buy them together and save £30, thought it might be worth sharing if anyone else was interested

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